Radio: with Kirsti feat. Kim Cosmic & mindcolormusic Mixtape // KMAH Radio // 03/07/2019

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Kirsti null+void Show

Aldich – Telecom Shift [forthcoming Super Hexgon]
James Shinra – Signs (John Beltrans 80s Reset Remix) [forthcoming Feel My Bicep]
Photonz – Baggy Kru [Naive]
Kord – Vilse [Femur]
ERP – ZRX [Frustrated Funk]
Silicon Scally – Mind Splitter [Cultivated Electronics]
Rush Plus – Staring At The Sun [E Missions]
Tim Taylor & DJ Slip – Pleasure Unit (Jerome Hill Remix) [Dame Music]
Stratton – Coming [Of Paradise]
Roel Funken – Thorn Cacti [forthcoming Methlab]
Bochum Welt – Melodie d’Aout [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
Swarm Intelligence – Extraction [New York Trax]

– Kim Cosmic Live Set –

mindcolormusic Mixtape compiled by Kirsti

Eazykill – Atomsk Caged
Cool & Frank – Racoon Mailbox Adjusted
Nachtzug – Lazy Lazerz
Mnvr – twntn
Microlith – Echoes
Nachtzug – Granular Communications
Omni Causa – Mekanik Melody
Aquatronics – Coastal Plains
Robyrt Hecht & XY0815 – Igriega05
Fah – 2two

Radio: null+void with Kirsti feat. Junq // KMAH Radio // 05/06/2019

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Join us at the next null+void Live event at The Glove that Fits on 28/06 with Shelley Parker, Monoak and PAul Heirophant


Paul Heirophant – Saturn [forthcoming Exalt Records]
Mesak – Tenin Loosi TE-1 []
Patrick Conway – Flight Path [forthcoming Fusion Diagnostics]
Otik – Tuskanary [forthcoming DEXT] s
Luke Vibert – Whooda Thunsquit [take 20] [forthcoming Balkan Vinyl]
Silicon Scally – Asynchronous [Central Processing Unit]
Youthman 29 5:08 [The Press Group]
Skyfarma – Destroid [WeMe Records]
Nightwave – Rainbow Body [Neautralizer Records]
No Cure For Cancer – De Bons En Pierre [Dark Entries]
Petwo Evans – White [Petrax]
Konx Om Pax – Magenta [forthcoming Planet Mu]
Special Request – Ardcore Dolphin [Houndstooth]
Rob Stow – Bad Acid [Don’t Recordings]
Reptant – Transcendents From The Outer Sphere [forthcoming Cragie Knowes]

Junq recorded live at null+void Live #1

Radio: Kirsti / Arkada Podcast 011

♪ ♥‿♥ ♪ After living the life for many years, Kirsti has quietly become a real authority when it comes to electro and techno. As unassuming in person as her DJ sets are immediately arresting, she mixes up those sounds with elements of UK rave music to create dynamic, non linear sets of raw electronics.

Tracing her lineage from early experiences at raves like Checkpoint Charlie and Bangface, she soon went on to take great influence from the key figures behind UK rave, techno and electro such as Jerome Hill, Andrea Parker, Luke Vibert, Rob Hall and Warlock. She still does today, and isn’t afraid to play uncompromising sets that speak to the real underground. These come on her null+void radio shows—firstly on Rinse FM, now on KMAH they’re noted for their premiers of the freshest new techno and electro sounds.

Having recently warmed up for the legendary Dopplereffekt at Oval Space, Kirsti has also played at Tantrum, Craig Richards’ electro and left of centre night at the Lion & Lamb and stage at Houghton Festival. She’s also landed spots playing for Krake Festival in Berlin and on the warm up at fabric which are up on her list of gig highlights.

Preferring to really take the crowd to bold new places, Kirsti does the same with her null+void label. It’s a place where the likes of Shinra and L-R serve up slippery future electro and space age techno that ranges from striking to sublime. null+void continues to take shape with a step up in the release schedule planned for 2018 and continued support from the likes of Stingray, Bicep, Craig Richards, Objekt and Jerome Hill.

Otik – Dioxide [DEXT Recordings]
Hymns – Magna [Oscillate Tracks]
Univac – A3 Unit 4 [Femur]
London Modular Alliance – Chrome [Dimensions]
Ara-u & Radioactive Man – Daytime Robbery [Asking For Trouble]
The Golden Filter – All The Way In [4GN3S]
Falty DL – Beast [Unknown To The Unknown]
Fourmatic – Ectosketch [Cement]
Mor Elian – Move Like Atoms [Fever AM]
Reptant – Monolith [Planet Europhonique]
K-LONE – Sine Language [Wisdom Teeth]
Skykarma – Acidastones [WeMe Records]
Univac – Are You there [Femur]
No Moon – Siren [Mechatronica]

Sepehr – South Karana [Eon]

Pera Sta Osi – Gone Beautiful [Yellow Machines]

Second Storey – B1+B2 London Isn’t Easy [Trust]

Marco Bernardi – Morpheusis [Frustrated Funk]

Radio: null+void with Kirsti feat. Dead Sound // KMAH Radio // 13/03/2019

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1. Junq – From Below (2019 Remaster) [Art Mechanical]
2. Alis – Papercuts [forthcoming Astralplane]
3. Loula Yorke – Mud ysmysmysm EP
4. Bjorn Svin – Binetto [Endless Process]
5. Slime – PM [Weaponise Your Sound]
6. Rootsix – Bumble [Future Massive] Vol 1
7. L-R Rings [Asking For Trouble]
8. J. Wiltshire – Wave Tablet [forthcoming Oscillate]
9. Fourmatic – Ectosketch [CMNT]
10. Cygnus – Deep Analysis [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
11. Si Begg – Elektronisch For Pleasure [forthcoming Love Love Records]
12. Petwo Evans – Grey [forthcoming Petrax]
13. OverworX – Potty Mouth [forthcoming OverworX]
14. Hermeth – Am I A Joke To You [forthcoming Brainwaves]
15. Mesak – Dim Sun [forthcoming Orson]
16. Chris Moss Acid – Machine Heavy [forthcoming Balkan Vinyl]
17. 1210 – Cranked Stripper [forthcoming Zodiac Wax]
18. Sync 24 – Warehouse [Propaganda Moscow]
19. Microthol – Armoury Funk [Trust]

— Dead Sound Guest Set – Live Analogue Hardware Set —

20. Zodiac Childs Live Blood [Zodiac Wax]

null+void Live Tickets:

Radio: null+void with Kirsti feat. T-Flex // KMAH Radio // 13/02/2019

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1. Mikron – Locus Reave [Central Processing Unit]
2. Matt Whitehead & no data available – Sahara [Super Rhythm Trax]
3. Dez Williams – In The Shadows [Discos Atonicos] – Running Circles EP
4. Reptant – Liquid Acrobatics [Planet Euphorique]
5. Fleck E.S.C. – Grandmas Cookies [Bass Agenda]
6. DMX Krew – MR10stery [forthcoming Hypercolour Records]
7. BufoBufo – Mutant Enzyme [Ritual Poison]
8. Fishclaw Mole (Luka yorke’s YSM Remix)
9. Scalameria – Enhance…Stop [Forthcoming Power Vacuum]
10. Cestrian – The Weir [Mechatronica]
11. Robyrt hecht – silverclay [forthcoming Mind Colour Music]
12. Sepher – Cybernetic [Forthcoming Eon Records]
13. REQ – Galaxy Arm Electro [Seagrave]
14. Serge Geyzel – Arbuzz [forthcoming Arkada]

T-Flex Recorded Live at null+void Birthday

15. Nightwave – Psychic Tonic [DEXT]

Order T-Flex Mimic EP:
null+void Live tickets:

Radio: with Kirsti feat. Paul Heirophant // KMAH Radio // 24/10/2018


1. Robot For Brains – RFB Acid [Swishcotheque]
2. Soundex Phonetic – Planet Pluto [Stoned Wave]
3. Sugar Experiment Station – No Wonder She Hates You
4. Dez Williams – Gold Digger [Bass Agenda]
5. Binary Operator – System Error [Central Electronics]
6. Throwing Snow – Simmer [forthcoming Houndstooth]
7. Ursa – Mouthwash [bandcamp]
8. VC-118A – Machinarium [forthcoming Cultivated Electronics]
9. Ten Letu – Ah, You Shot Me! [The Press Group]
10. Zodiac Childs – Lifeblood [Zodiac Wax]
11. Nonentitiy – Raw Method [Source Material]
12. Alex Jann – Blue Moon Rising [forthcoming Censor]
13. Pointsman – Dirty Shirt [Serotonin]
14. Chontane – Nedelia [forthcoming Them]
15. The Horn – Pushdown [Bandcamp]

Paul Heirophant Guest Mix

1. Giles Lamb – Apex [WeMe Records]
2. Paul Hierophant – Nuerth [Hierophant Dubs]
3. Plant43- Driven by Magnetics [AC Records]
4. Cignol- Hidden Galaxies [Computer Controlled]
5. Erell Ransom – Perfect Illusion [Childhood Electronix]
6. Cignol – The Observable Universe [Further Electronix]
7. Silicon Scally- Override [CPU]
8. Carl Finlow Capacitance AC Records
9. Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Clickjacking [Cultivated Electronics]
10. Sbles3plex – We Are Transmitting [DJAX]
11. Urban Tribe – bio electronics [Trust]
12. DB_24 -Anachronic [AC Records]
13. The Exaltics – 00044.00.1.5 [Solarone Music]
14. Koova -Frustration [brokntoys]
15. Stefan Robbers – A Touch of Heaven [eevolute]
16. Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier [Underground Resistance]
17. Scape One – Ancient Temples [Fundamental Records]
18. Paul Hierophant – Osiris [Hierophant Dubs]
19. Norken & Nyquis – Love Simulation [Exalt Records]
20. Paul Hierophant – Deep Space Industry [Hierophant Dubs]
21. Alphacom – The Witness [Fundamental Records]
22. Pip Williams – SubZero [AC Records]
23. Underground Resistance – Message to the Majors Underground Resistance

Radio: null+void with Kirsti // KMAH Radio // 29/09/2018

KMAH September 2018 Tracklisting

Featuring the next null+void Recordings release ?



1. no data available – yes mate [forthcoming null+void Recordings]
2. Yuri Urano – Autline [Central Processing Unit]
3. Weakmassive – Metra [talahachi]
4. Brain Rays (feat. Sensational) – I Make Moves [forthcoming label unknown]
5. Carl Finlow – Unconditional [forthcoming Cragie Knowes]
6. Koova – Sometimes a Conduit (Patricia’s Amalgamix) [Brokntoys]
7. KYMS – A2 [label unknown]
8. Jack Roland – OST Contract [Natural Sciences]
9. Luke’s Anger – Your Feet [forthcoming Bleeper]
10. Lewski – Erebus [Wolfskuil Limited Holland]
11. Cool and Frank – Former Saturn Morning []
12. Paul Hierophant – Europa [Heirophant Dubs]
13. Cron – Squelch [Musique Pour La Danse Holland]
14. Body Jack – Twice Bitten [forthcoming Bodytrax]
15. Lone – Oedo 808 [forthcoming R&S Records]
16. Kosh – Null 212 [Casa Voyager France]
17. Charm Sneak – 13_10_17  [Reach Recordz]
18. Scan One – Re-Turn [Analogical Force]
19. Pineal Navigation – Zealous [forthcoming Xerophkz Records]
20. Maelstrom – Utility Shift [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
21. FFT – orr din [forthcoming Super Hexagon]
22. Forest Drive West – [forthcoming Livity Sound]
23. Local Group – Laser Dome (Dexorcist RMX) [Ritual Poison]
24. Ali Wade – Burn Through You [forthcoming Frequency Domain]
25. Federico Leocata – In Der Nacht [Shipwrec]
26. Vester Koza – frm angel meadows to abundant slums [forthcoming Houndstooth]
27. no data available – the night [forthcoming null+void Recordings]