Kilig – Cry EP

null+void Recordings present their first release from new artist Kilig. Reaching out with a surprise email, Kilig sent a demo to label founder Kirsti with a sound that instantly connected. Cry EP presents four tracks of playful, emotive and tightly produced electronics from a new artist with a compelling sound.

Cry is a warming introduction to the EP with Detroit channelled synths opening the track which kicks into bounding bass line. All I See is Blue follows with a tender and deep moment on the EP, working between headsy layers of percussion and melody.

A Book Won’t Save You is built on mechanic whirrs with more metallic and crips tones coming into effect. Lost to The Void ends the EP with off kilter percussion and muted brass tones melancholic and handsome finalisation of the release and impressive statement of Kilig’s balanced and advanced ability as a producer.

This is the first in a series of digital releases from some new electronic producers which will culminate in a special various artists vinyl package in 2020.

Artist: Kilig