Download: Stormfield – Smashment Mix Recorded Live at Boomtown 2014

This weekend just gone Combat Recordings boss Stormfield took himself to Boom Town fest and delivered one of his trademark bashment sets we’ve seen this go off first hand but were unable to join in the latest happening. So we were pretty happy when he dropped it over in an email offering us the exclusive on the mix – you can download and stream in the player below and here’s some words from the man himself to introduce the set properly:

This was recorded live last Saturday at Boomtown Fest 2014, in the Garden of Legends. 100 minutes of bashment, jungle, glitchy acid and ritualistic techy drum’n’bass in a relentless, bass-driven Combat Recs style. It includes some unreleased dubs, and a sneak preview of a beast of a tune “Doomsday Dancehall” by King Cannibal, which gets released on the Ten Years of Combat compilation this autumn.

The set was recorded internally, thus does not include the microphone. There was some gremlins in the dubsiren channel so all reverb, delay effects used were internal as well. There’s a couple slip-ups but i’ve left them in and blame the 52% plum brandy.

Shouts out to Laurie and crew, special mention to Hue Jah Fink, Treen and Kawasaki Kate

Juice Aleem – Rock my Hologram – Si Begg remix
Spectrum – Don’t Fuk
Stereotyp feat. Jahdan – Regiment Riddim (dub)
Stereotyp feat. Jahdan – Regiment Riddim (vocal)
King Cannibal – Aragami Style
Kid606 – Come back Wicked – Timeblind remix
Stereotyp – Trunk dub
Kid606 – Come back Wicked – Timeblind vox
King Cannibal – Shining Force
Stereotyp – Just a Fool
Cursor Miner – Street Madness
Milanese – Mr Ion (Impossible remix)
Crunch – Crookid Manor
The Bug – Fire version
Hue Jah Fink – Fukhedonizm
King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall (Combat Recs forthcoming)
Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bass Christ in the Nite Garden remix)
Cursor Miner – Everybody want Power
Apparat & Raz Ohara – Hold On (Modeselektor remix)
Milanese – Caramel Fixup feat Dizee Rascal
Hue Jah Fink – Deadly Sinz
Bong Ra – Human Cargo
The Bug feat. Daddy Freddy – Run Da Place Red (AFX mix)
King Cannibal – Badman Near Dark
Stereotyp feat. Coppa – Blaze and Cook
The Bug – Bloodfire
Photek – Terminus
Stereotyp feat. Coppa – Big Flows
Stormfield – Drone search sequence
A.J. Robinson & Loxy – Each & Every
DBridge – Mourning Dawn
Noisia – The Bells
Broken Note – Meltdown
Concealed Identity – Kuniyoshi
Broken Note – Meltdown
Concealed Identity – Nomad
Defcon1 – Time is the Fire
Concealed Identity – Ubuntu
Special Forces – Something else (Bleeps tune)
Concealed Identity – Ubuntu
Digital & The Spirit – Mission Accomplished
Infest & Quasi – More out of Life
Ghislain Poirer – Get Crazy – Mark Pritchard remix
The Untouchables – Adamantium
The Bug – Blood and Fire – DJ Scud mix
DJ Pierre – Box Energy – AFX remix
Bong Ra – Murder You
Jahtari feat. Afrikan Simba – Protect I
Milanese – Espantoso

Combat Recordings Facebook Page / Combat Recordings Website

Mix: Weatherall Electro Mix 2000

Imagine if it was your birthday and you received a cassette tape from Andrew Weatherall made up of 2000 era electro and what came before it? You’d kind of explode with joy. Well that happened to Carl Finlow for his own happy anniversary a few years back and he’s upped it to Soundcloud for us all to enjoy – complete with ambient hiss.

The Week Just Missed: Luke Vibert, Eomac, DJ Flush and Housemeister Mixes

This week has been a bit on the busy side so unfortunately the blog has not been as populated with new posts as it should be, so to make sure some mixes that have been standing out and I think are worth noting aren’t missed off null+void entirely here’s a little round up of some music from the week just gone.

Firstly is this mix from Eomac for Juno, his new album is due to drop in April on Killekill. There’s also a good read to be found with his interview here.

There’s also this mix from Killekll boss DJ Flush which was recorded live at a recent Boiler Room in Berlin. Respect Nico.

We’ve also come across this wicked old school electro mix from Housemeister set out to reflect what’s upcoming on his imprint AYCB.

And finally a mix from the big boss man Luke Vibert courtesy of FACT Magazine as he looks forward to the drop of his new album Ridmik, seeing out I Love Acid on the 12th April and joining Neil Landstrumm at FABRICLIVE this June.

Mix: null+void’s Rinse FM Show

So that was fun, thanks to everyone who locked in on the night. Here’s the mix for anyone who hasn’t checked it yet, listen closely to hear 2 of the Shinra tracks forthcoming on his EP for null+void in the next couple of months.

1. Luke Vibert – Acage [Forthcoming on Hypercolour]
2. Global Goon – The Grillroom [Forthcoming on Balkan Vinyl]
3. Jerome Hill – Dustbin Acid [Forthcoming on Don’t]
4. Blackmass Plastics – Dommatron [Uglyfunk]
5. Dynarec – Safe Scouting Guide (RadioNasty Remix) [Forthcoming on Electrix]
6. Radioactive Man – Tuf Dub [Forthcoming on UNA]
7. Dogout – Dorsum Gastric Band [no label]
8. Helvectica Calcium – Datasette [Apollo]
9. Eomac – Rising 3 [Forthcoming on Killekill]
10. Scrase – Movon [Forthcoming on Love Love Records]
11. London Modular Alliance – Bitty Ends [no label]
12. Objekt – Baloons [Power Vacuum]
13. Dead Sound – Seal Envelopes [no label]
14. Dez Williams – Flashbox [Transient Force]
15. Second Storey – Still Seas (Call Super’s Fraud Loop) [Houndstooth]
16. Monoak – Swinger [no label]
17. Shinra – Chills [forthcoming on null+void Recordings]
18. Pip Williams – Cutty Told Me
19. Bracket – Unrequited [Brackout]
20. nodataavailable – roodbuoy [Forthcoming on Gruff]
21. Shinra – Ball and Chain [forthcoming on null+void Recordings]
22. Michael Forshaw – Remodel [
23. Warlock – Block 7 [forthcoming on Rag & Bone]
24. Clatterbox – Power Surge []
25. Clark – Superscope [Warp]

Mix: DeFeKT Recorded Live at Rude Machine

Deep and noodly, with some gnarly bass lines growling underneath, this for me is where electro is at its best getting lost in a crazy loop somewhere in an alternative reality under the sea or in space whichever is fine by me. Big up Defekt he’s got a pretty awesome release out soon on Signal Code Records titled ‘Switch EP’ – I’ve included the previews here as well.


Many good things have come from the work of Sheffield Bleep, as well as founding and maintaining online radio station Future Music (which features shows from many of our associates from Posthuman to Darkfloor) he’s just launched a new label ‘Central Processing Unit’ releasing some of Cygnus’s earlier productions.  Being based in Sheffield and doing these good things, he’s latest to feature on The Black Dog curated Electronic Supper Club series of live broadcasts this week. 

The archive is now up to listen to and you can get more information on Central Processing Unit here.

Cygnus null+void podcast + interview.

Mix: DJ Stingray New Forms Mix

The power of Stingray. Nobody plays it like him.

He’s in town this October on the 19th October too.

Check Micron Audio his label for more fearless beats.

Download via XLR8R here.


01 The Advent “Dark (Fader) Side” (Kombination Research)
02 Hell & Jonzon “Lifeform” (Disko B)
03 Delinquent Dialect “Minimal Electronic” (Temple Dog)
04 Ultradyne “Fantasy Era” (SCSI AV)
05 Shadow People “Firestarter” (Southern Outpost)
06 Autechre “Dial” (Warp)
07 Dead Silence Syndicate “Edge City Express” (Control Tower UK)
08 Galaxian “Repent” (Trajectory 2020X)
09 E8 “Micropacer 1” (Marguerita)
10 Addison Groove “Work It” (Swamp 81)
11 Tactical Systems “Graviton Force” (Roulette Rekordz)
12 Silicon “Electron Push” (NSC)
13 Transllusion “Cerebral Cortex Malfunction” (Supremat)
14 The Sentinel “Wrong Time” (Southern Outpost)
15 Alden Tyrell “Digger” (Clone)
16 Silicon “0%” (Frustrated Funk)
17 The Advent “Wasper” (Kombination Research)
18 Cosmic Force “Optical Rape” (Clone)
19 Delinquent Dialect “Fear LED” (Temple Dog)
20 Galaxian “Repent” (Trajectory 2020X)
21 Drexciya “Positron Island” (Underground Resistance)