Download: Ben Pest Puts Up [some of] His Back Catalogue on Bandcamp

Just the other week Ben Pest upped a heap of his back catalogue to Bandcamp including both of his Panic Bridge EP’s (which were only previously available on vinyl) as well as his Victim and Don’t releases. You can pay what you want on his page here.

Here’s one of our personal favourites from the collection:

Download: Spookhouse – TSS [Digital Distortions]

Digital Distortions have been releasing high quality rave weirdness since before this blog was born hosting releases from Ingen, C Mantle, Blackmass Plastics and more artists of the harder ilk. The latest artist to grace their back catalogue is Ireland based Spookhouse which is actually his second for the label and is a 3 tracker of at times shimmering and at others stomping and wonky techno.

It’s available for free release in format of your choosing now on via this Bandcamp player below, and across all their other channels.

Exclusive Download: Beatwife – Dwistco (Love Love Records)

The latest release to come from the Love Love camp is an electro infused, acidic 16 tracker from LA based electronic musician Beatwife aka Richard Wilson. They’ve been teasing out some of the tracks via Youtube which have half fooled some forum talkers they’re the work of Richard D James, you can see why, they do seem to chime nicely with the brain enlightening slash dance floor bound sound you’d hope from the next (if it ever happens) Aphex record.

Wilson is the true artist behind these mysterious audio releases, who has also recently released an album in collaboration with Henry Collins for Planet Mu under the alias Misty Conditions and is currently working alongside Sid Wilson of Slipknot as a member of The Miami Vice Sound Crack. This album, Cornbrail Acid 2, however sees Wilson take a smoother approach from his sometime ruffneck junglist productions as you can hear in the track we’ve been offered up to give away on free download which you can enjoy below.

You can purchase the full album via the Love Love website here.

News: Bit-Phalanx – Podcast, Video + Compilation Action


Bit-Phalanx have started off the year with not only their first officially produced video for Jilk’s ‘My Techno Heart Melts Your EMO Dribble’ but with a new free compilation and podcast series. The video comes alongside a remix EP from Jilk and the podcast kicks off in a Shitmat special mashup style while the compilation sees Bit-Phalanx team up wtih Bit fellows Bitcrusher for an excellent free download. We’ve included one of our favourite tracks for you to sample in the player below.

Head to Bit-Phalanx’s website here for more information and to listen to the music.


News: Clark Announces New Album On Warp + Free Download

To announce it’s forthcoming release date of Clark’s new album ‘Iraldelphic’ Warp have released this track ‘Com Touch’ to set the hype machine in motion. It’s already been three years since ‘Growls Garden’ and from the sounds of it Clark’s made a big effort to move his sound forward into more instrument driven and organic sonic territory: 

To me ‘Iradelphic’ is looming, ambiguous, radiant. Glowing, whole, invincible, complete. 

I’ve been hunting down that elusive paradox. To create something that didn’t sound like what I’ve done before. But was also unmistakably me. It’s quite a maddening task.

I don’t think I’ve ever recorded in so many diverse locations; there was a lot of field recording going on in Snape, Sussex, harpsichords and orchestral drums. All recorded with a variety of tools. From £8k Cold War microphones, bling studio set ups, to laptop microphones, crumbling cassettes, Dictaphones. It all got used. – Clark

To get your free download head to Warp’s website here.

Download: Pain Struck Stanley Dumb – Sure Acid

It’s been pretty quiet on the Pain Struck Stanely Dumb front since their EP We Guard You While You Sleep for Wide Records in 2009, they also did a podcast for us that year you can listen to again here. They’ve been working on some tracks slowly but surely in the interim and here’s the first evidence of what they’ve created been given away as free download via their Soundcloud account. It’s an electro boombastic acid bleep fest to be sure, check it out in the player below.

Exclusive Download: Anodyne Empire of Glass – Fausten Null und Nichtig Remix

Combat Recordings are a label with the vision to cherish and pay homage to the tracks they release, exploring them indepth with extensive ranges of remixes from their roster and circle of artists. Look back last year to Point B’s Suicide Beaty spot remixes which went between Dead Fader’s thrilling soundscape to Cursor Miner’s rinse out and Scorn’s Gravel Bed Remixes by Wee DJs and King Cannibal all interesting and engaging, killer riffs and bad beats basically a job done well in the experimental realm of electronic beat music. Remixing is something this label takes seriously and thrives in doing.  

Last year’s Empire of Glass EP from Anodyne was a four track collection of broken beat techno oozing with dreamscape synth lines impinging an etherial warmth and depth to any dancefloor they hit, often courtesy of Rob Hall. In the case of this first of the two remix EPs planned for release – Dead Fader, Anstam (AQF), Roel Funcken and Fausten provide the remixes engaging in the highest level of sound engineering to employ their own shifts of beats and those glorious synth lines. 

To mark the occasion, Fausten has created something very special for our blog, their ‘Null und Nichtig Remix’ of ‘Empire of Glass’ – an abstract machine shimmering moment of dark beauty in high quality MP3 (it will be available to purchase in wav type files at a later date for those of you who prefer that), download from the Soundcloud player below.

The EP will be released digitally tomorrow, you can preview and purchase the release from their Bandcamp page here

Download: Anodyne – Empire of Glass – Fausten Null und Nichtig Remix (320 MP3)


Exclusive Download: Langer – System (Four Hands Liquid Gold Mix)

Uncharted Audio, run by DJ Kone-R who is also an also esteemed writer for Spannered. The label has recently celebrated 10 years of releasing underground music both of electronic and folksy psychedelia stylings reaching out from London.

The final release of 2011 on Uncharted Audio comes in the shape of Langer‘s four track 12″ (and digital) EP, entitled “Elements”. This is the first Langer record since way back on UNCH002 and it doesn’t disappoint, showing off some serious techno and house sensibilities, with something of an edge. –

To big this release up they’ve given us a remix from Four Hands a dub techno entity – mastered by Suade  of Adapted Records. The full release is available to buy on digital and vinyl, you can purchase and preview the full release here in the Uncharted Audio store.

Download: Langer – System (Four Hands Liquid Gold Mix)

Langer – System (Four Hands Liquid Gold Mix) by null+void