Audio Report: 29/05/2015 w/ Luke Vibert, DJ Stingray + more

There’s been a bit of a lapse in these due to a overload on the work and travel but it’s time for the return of the audio report highlighting the recent week’s best audio…

01. Kerrier District – Kerrier District 4

Luke Vibert delivers his first Kerrier District album in ten years for Hypercolour, lose swung drum programming and samples feature heavily on this one and is now available to buy and listen to via the label’s Bandcamp page.

02. Luke Vibert mix for Giles Peterson Worldwide

A bit more Vibert as this mix sees him uncover the wonderfully odd funk section of his record collection for Giles Peterson.

03. Radioactive Man – Whitelight Monochrome (DBridge Remix)

Following up his Whitelight Monocrhome EP for Reindhart records at the end of last year a remix EP is set for imminent release with DBridge, Jerome Hill and Shengi all providing their own versions. Here’s DBridge’s low roller version…

04. DJ Stingray at Panama Racing Club

Intergalactic FM present an hour of audio and video streaming a fresh live mix from DJ Stingray.

05. THEM002 – Cardopusher – Mindwarp

The latest from the Them techno camp comes from Cardopusher with some satisfying acid injected techno and Joe Farr on the remix.

06. Skanfrom – Data Tracks

Sleeparchive, ahem archives a tape release from 1998.

07. Bass Agenda 103: TUDOR ACID Interview

08. Creme Podcast #28 – Legowelt – The Infinity Quadrant Exploration Team Reveals A New Map

09. Warlock – Seventeen Camels

A stream of the title track from the latest release from Warlock which is out this week on Kick + Clap.


Some spacey machine work from Fear of Flying’s BLM to round off this week’s selections.

Audio Report: 13/02/2015 w/ Spaces, Kerrier District, ALSO + more

Here’s the latest round up of null+void’s recommended listening…

1. Tesla 286 – Zukunft

This record first appeared on Housemeister’s AYCB label last year and it’s a pretty glimmering expression of electro and electronica sounds, it’s now been upped to stream in full making it top of our recommended listens this week.

2. µ-Ziq – Mucky Puppy

Made years back by µ-Ziq inspired by hearing Aphex Twin’s demos when they were actually first made and released this week as part of a feature set up by Boiler Room inviting a host of artists to comment on Aphex’s recent (and continuing) release of archive tracks as user48736353001 on Soundcloud.

3. LOVCAST #04 Beatwife Guest mix [February 2015]

In just a few weeks time I’ll be at Power Lunches with the Love Love Records crew with Beatwife and Scrase (tickets here). Here, Beatwife lays down a whole load of acid and amens.

4. EPM #65 – Egyptian Lover – Live

Originally recorded in 2004 at STEREOLIZE Electro Bass Festival, Paris 2004 on Egyptian Lover’s first European tour.

5. ALSO – Blyford Bass

More dreamy production from Second Storey and Appleblim’s ALSO project coming soon to R&S.

6. SPACES – Potential

Last year SPACES released his debut EP for Bleep after being discovered as part of their FILTERED new talent project, it caught the attention of Bjork and lead to a pretty cool working relationship with one of their collaborations landing on the Icelandic songsmith’s latest LP Vulnicura – which is kind of an opportunity that only dreams are made for for any producer. In the following week of this announcement this EP emerged online, for free download showing the latest solo studio offerings which I recommend you check out to get a picture of Flynn’s ear for sound design and vision for changing up structures in a pretty unique and mesmerising way…

7. 70/|/| K|\|4PP

Icasea boss Tom Knapp has also caught the archive dumping bug and upped a load of tracks tagged #oldshit to his Soundcloud.

8. Kerrier District – Soundcloud Archive

Vibert’s gone and got a soundcloud account this week which times neatly with the announcement o fKerrier District Four coming out this year on Hypercolour the same label who presented 2014’s Ridmik LP. Here Vibert’s DJ sets and first Kerrier District LP have been made available to stream…

9. Flourescent Grey – The Acroplane Guide To Electronic Music Mix / 1955-1984 (2011)

A few years back Acroplane records released a project by Flourescent Grey Antique Electronic Synthesizer Greats 1955-1985 which now has three volumes to it and saw US based Flourescent Grey dig into the electronic music archives sampling records from the archives to create something new but representative of the history of synthesiser tracks. Just last week the artist put the archive into an hour long mix which is now up for streaming…

10. DJ Stingray 313 – Cognition EP Previews

New Stingray coming soon on Lower Parts.

Audio Report: 30/01/2015

A bumper edition catching up of all the best audio of January 2015.

1. Fran Hartnett DJ Set at Process Cork

Here’s a DJ from Dublin who majors in techno but with a great mix of broken and distorted beats making for a compelling and interesting listen.

2. user48736353001 – Aphex Twin archive dump

109 tracks and counting from Aphex Twin

3. Aphex Twin – Computer Controlled Instruments Pt2

This project released on Warp, sees Aphex Twin link up a range of instruments to midi mixing machine like drum programming with organic sound.

4. Also – Formation

ALSO are Appleblim and Second Storey – here’s a track from their collab out now on R&S.

5. Second Storey – One Sound (Luke Vibert Remix)

Second Storey’s label Houndstooth linked him with two of his all time musical heroes to remix his latest EP with both Cristian Vogel and Luke Vibert taking the reigns and here’s Vibert’s offering.

6. Cristian Vogel Lost In The Chase (Veslemes Video Edit 2015)

7. Helena Hauff – 50 Min Boiler Room Mix

8. London Modular Alliance – In Vacuum 120

9. Galaxian – From Glasgow To Detroit

With a title that references his inspiration and connection with Detroit’s DJ Stingray this track is Glasgow based artist Galaxian’s own hi-speed underwater take on electro.

10. Various Artists – Mutant City Acid

Unless you got hold of one of the 303 vinyl copies available this bandcamp stream is the only way you’re going to get to hear Balkan Vinyl’s. Volume two is in the works so don’t sleep when pre-orders go up.

11. NE170: L/F/D/M

12. Pip Williams – Fleck ESC – Nice Guy (Pip Williams Remix)

This remix is lifted from Fleck ESC’s new EP for Electrix, this Pip Williams remix kind of nails it.

13. Clark – Winter Boots (Part 1)

A suprise free EP from Clark this free download employs samples from Die Antwoord, Frank Ocean and Diana Ross.

14. Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Utopia 2 Soundtrack

Utopia was the most visually stunning and dramatically compelling television to come out of the UK in memorable history and the soundtrack by Cristobal Tapia was a huge part of making it so special (and weird). Here’s the previews of the soundtrack for the second (and regrettably final) series of the Channel Four epic.

15. Radioactive Man – Transponder

Lifted from his new 12″ on Reindhart Records

Audio Report: null+void’s 20 Best Tracks Of 2014

This year has definitely been rich with stand out music on our radar. To nod to the year just gone and re-live some of the best moments here’s our run down of the favourite tracks from the year pulling out radio playlists, DJ sets, blog posts and some we missed from the year just passed. In no particular order…

1. Gesloten Cirkel – Zombie Machine (Acid)

This album featured heavily on numerous end of year lists but this track in particular stands out for its acidic and relentless thwomp of a groove.

2. Falty DL – New Haven [Give The Drummer Some] Luke Vibert RMX

This is a kind of match in heaven between two producers who push the limits of sound creation both with a penchant for jungle. Vibert has seen a healthy amount of releases this year thanks for a new relationship with Bristol imprint Hypercolour which is super welcome and His first Amen Andrews release in 10 years actually came on Falty DL’s own Blueberry imprint. This remix works off Falty’s pensive and Utopia envoking original which is then launched into a whole new junglist world thanks to a lick of Vibert’s slick drum programming.

3. Jerome Hill – Paper Bag Acid [Super Rhythm Trax]

Jerome Hill’s had a great year. He’s launched a THIRD record label, Super Rhythm Trax, delivering some pretty on point acid while maintaining the output of his hip hop focussed Fat Hop imprint and production under his Itsu Uno moniker, Laid down the rave with his Hornsey Hardcore EP’s while also keeping up his true techno label and night Don’t. This track for us is the highlight of it all. Oh and he was also named one of the scene’s most underrated DJ’s by Fact Magazine which is a sentiment that we can very much get behind.

4. Dead Sound – limafx1 [Labrynth]

This is an industrial burner powered by a machinic groove that really pushes things along. Dead Sound seems to be able to get the balance between industrial but funk perfectly.

5. Tinfoil – Foil 5 [Tinfoil]

The collab between Defekt and Sunil Sharpe that this year has brought something pretty intense out of these two Dublin producers. Out of the two EP’s this year this is our favourite.

6. Ben Pest – Massive Flounce [Fun In The Murky]

Ben Pest has been pretty on it this year in general and has been featuring heavily in our DJ sets but if we have to pick one favourite of the year Massive Flounce wins in uplifting glory.

7. Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]

Another artist with an incredible year of releases behind him especially considering that TJ Hertz has kept the output of his studio close to his chest with only a handful of releases behind him. Everything he delivers conforms to his self-set-high-production-spec and this track sits king on his history to date.

8. Pip Williams – Pleasure Deficiency Syndrome [Brokntoys]

Pip’s EP for Brokntoys was as dark as ever and this track does it the best.

9. Clark – Superscope [Warp]

There’s a freight train coming…

10. 214 – Yellow Jackets [Unreleased]

You’ll have to jump to the end of this rinse show to earball this… Look forward to a null+void podcast from its maker in the coming year.

11. Morphology – Magnetospheric (Sync 24 Remix)

This track reeks of Detroit which is probably what makes it great, plus it kind of feels a bit insane.

12. Scrase – Movon [Love Love Records]

Big up the Scrase! He’s had a great year with some killer sets going down, we’re very excited to hear what 2015 brings…

13. Datasette – Salad [Unreleased]

I know it’s kind of not fair to include tracks not released BUT this is another one we had the privilege of airing on our Rinse FM show’s this year. While the year saw Datassette release on Apollo this just does it for us that bit more.

14. Stormfield – Rebuild [Combat Recordings]

There’s actually a load of remixes that accompany the Combat Recordings boss’s EP but this is our favourite from the release. It has a life of its own, sparking acid into a continually building heat of intensity.

15. Ingen & Boris Noize – Root & Stem [Fausten Remix]

Another from camp Combat and also from the hand of Stormfield but this time in collaboration with Monster X reworking Boris Noize & Ingen’s EP. The thing about this one is it contains all the terror that is Fausten; evoking the sounds of a crazed animal zoo at its peak. Sometimes it’s good to be scared by a track.

16. Hape – 130103

This is by Estonian producer who goes by Taavi Tulev on Soundcloud who got in touch with us this year and kind of have a lot of love for his music. As well as this 150bmp weirdo electro monster there’s a lot of truly engaging drone that we recommend people check out here.

17. Luke’s Anger – Eat Em Up

This is taken off the Bonus Round boss’s longplayer this year and is just a bit of funky fun really.

18. Function / Inland – Rhyll

This release heralded in a new chapter for Function and also presented some particularly beautiful brain food.

19. Beatwife – Dwistico [Love Love Records]

An welcome acidic outing for the at times challenging producer released by our friends at Love Love that we had the pleasure of premièring earlier in the year.

20. DJ Skurge & Juan Atkins – Turn The Knob

This was premièred on Benji B’s Radio 1 show this year but still can’t be found on wax! Still we can enjoy the master and creator at work alongside DJ Skurge via You Tube.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this blog this year.

Download: Listen To The Latest null+void Rinse FM Broadcast

Big ups Rinse for having us back was a pleasure as always and for Jerome Hill providing a killer guest mix. You can listen back to the show in the player here and the tracklisting is below.

Synchronoise – Inter-Dimensional Synth Cats
Cristian vogel – Forest Gifts [Forthcoming on Shitkatapult]
Ukkonen – Agogic Helia [Forthcoming Uncharted Audio]
Bintus – Strange Gait [Power Vacuum]
Bass Clef vs Frak – Strange Gait [Smorgasboard Records]
Luke Vibert – Stuph [I Love Acid]
Mark Forshaw – Take Off [Forthcoming Computer Controlled Records]
Tudor Acid – Acid Travelodge [Virtual Urban Records]
[Bed – Jerome Hill – Paper Bag Acid [Super Rhythm Trax]

Jerome Hill Guest Mix
Bob Brown & Paul Birken – Couldn’t
Jonski Feat. Jock D – Get Up
Jerome Hill – Paper Bag Acid
Neil Landstrumm – Can’t Keep Up
Marshall Jefferson Presents Hercules – Lost in the Groove (Jerome Hill Remix)
The Exaltics – Corroded
JoeFarr – Gabba Problems
LFO – Mummy I’ve Had An Accident
Patrick Sjeren – Heart Condition
Luke’s Anger – What The Hell Are You Doing In My Car
UVB – Five O

The Wee DJ’s – A Little Atomic Bomb [Forthcoming Combat Recordings]
Lukes Anger I’m Still Here [Forthcoming Ugly Funk]
Objekt – Interlude (Whodunnit?) [PAN]
Sync 24 – Memory Bubble [Forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
Model Citizens – Drive [Toolbox Records]
DeFeKT- Your Automatik [Forthcoming Boys Noize]
Dieter 1982 – tchn006 [Soundcloud]
Amen Andrews – News Of The World [Forthcoming Blueberry]
Radioactive Man – Wah [Una Sound]
DJ Stingray – Behaviour Modification Implant [WeMe]
Andy Stott – No Surrender [Modern Love]
Spaces – In Wait [Bleep]


Tickets: Resident Advisor

Jerome Hill Facebook / Swerving The Community Website /

Audio Report: This Week’s Recommended Listens 07/10/2014

Another double week report this time catching up with some recently released audio streams worth your ear time.

1. Taavi Tuluv -33°

Hailing from Estonia Taavi Tuluv specialises not only in expansive ambient works formed from his own made field recordings but also some brilliantly fronting techno. This track here however, newly upped last week, is of the former kind of work a quite jarring yet beautiful drone work.

2. VHS Head – Bleep Mix

Some weird-ass cut up electronics from Skam’s VHS Head – this mix perfectly mirrors his production.

3. Squish Kibosh – Electroplasmix Case 013: ‘Seasonal Affecive Disorder’

This mix has been timed to drop pretty well for the beginning of winter, we’re going to need all the help we can get. Glasgow’s Squish Kibosh here shares the darker side of his collection off in this mix.

4. DMX Krew Rinse FM show

This needs little introduction – any time DMX Krew shares any portion of his record bag it’s a real joy.

5. Come On You Cunts Let’s Have Some Aphex Classics

With so much going on now around the release of Syro this mix went a step further into celebrating the life and works of Richard D James.

6. Radioactive Man – From The Dub Vaults Previews

At 8 years in the making this project is the realisation of Radioactive Man’s love of all things dub, previews are now available on the host label’s player.

7. September’s Plex Sessions

Plex’s Luke Handsfree back in again for picking out tracks from Clubroot, Surgeon, Cristian Vogel, Pub, Alva Noto, Ricardo Villalobos vs Sparky in what they deem a “spacier-than-normal” show. Plex are back at Corsica Studios this November for their annual mega rave this time teaming up with Bleed and Them you can grab tickets here.

8. Jerome Hill – Paperbag Acid

Big release from Jerome Hill! This is the second 12″ on his new Super Rhythm Trax imprint which specialises in all things acid and house formed which you can stream in full courtesy of the people at Ransom Note.

9. DSNT Mix for Stray Landings

Being a follower of DSNT’s label and website for quite some time it feels like this mix sums up what the Belfast based collective are about – proper technoid club sounds – in for the excellent Stray Landings site.

0034 // DSNT by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

10. Dieter.1982 – TCHN006 + TCHN005

Dieter.1982 is a Finnish producer specialising (under this alias) in rawly formed techno who dropped us a line the other week to introduce himself, to date the tracks are only available to listen to via his Soundcloud with a remix project available via Bandcamp (here).

Audio Report: This Week’s Recommended Listens 19/09/2014

Owing to a week without connectivity abroad this week’s audio report covers that missed time. Here’s a selection of freshly aired mixes, unreleased tracks and release previews I think are worth sampling.

1. Lakker – Math Fall – upcoming up R&S

Lakker return to R&S for their second EP with the upstanding Belgian label with a typically strong release featuring their trademark atmospherics and sonic detailing. Math Fall was premiered on Boiler Room earlier in the week which you can check below.

2. Luke Handsfree Plex x FABRICLIVE MIX

I always think Luke Handsfree has the the most perfectly matched DJ name when it comes to his upfront and energetic mixing style. Plex recently hosted Room Three at fabric here’s the mix he recorded for them to promote the party.

3. Random Form – Flower

For those who like detailed but heart tugging electronic explorations, Romania’s Randomform is a recommended listen. He also recorded a podcast for our series as DataCrashRobot which you can listen to here.

4. Raw Village Hall – Thrush Strokes (Boris Noiz Remix) [Acre Recordings]

I just like how this track is threaded with relentless four on the four beat and how Noiz employs smatterings of amens and distortion to drill the message home. It comes from a release by Davies (aka Savier & one half of techno duo Savagen) under his Raw Village Hall alias for Acre Recordings which they label even admit under their standards is a pretty hard production. C Mantle also provides another remix but this track chimes with us the most. For more info head here

5. The Sect – Oxidize (Allied Remix)

This bit of Mangled drum n bass from one of Methlab Agency’s signings Allied also attracted my attention this week. Typical of Methlab’s harder edged roster; Allied who originally hail from Brighton upkeep a pretty satisfying tour and release schedule. This is also available as a free download.

6. Broken English Club – 20 Minute Live Set Preview

Broken English Club is the latest project from Oliver Ho which to date has seen an EP released on Silent Servant, Regis and Ruskin’s Jelous God imprent as well as a split with Silent Servant on Veronica Verushka’s lauded Cititrax offshoot of Minimal Waves. You’ll hear straight away why this project fits into his chosen label’s agendas with it’s masterful synthwave sleaze.

7. Shelley Parker – Restrictions

Due out on Monday via WotNot records, London based techno producer Manni Dee has compiled an album showcasing the more abstract sonics of his genre. Shelley Parker submitted one of the tracks which she’s now streaming on her Soundcloud in full.

8. Richard Fearless – Exclusive Mix For Electronic Beats Radio

Feedback from the Legowelt remix of Fearless’s release which I aired on the latest null+void Rinse show suggested not too many Death in Vegas fans are aware of his acidic tendencies. He’s actually fully ingrained in the techno genre releasing plenty of 12″‘s as proof while his DJ mixes like the one here also show how he’s qualified at providing an engrossing journey as a DJ.

9. Surgeon – Rinse FM Show September 2014

Surgeon’s Rinse shows are always essential listening for techno heads, if you haven’t already check his latest show here.

10. Hessle Audio Rinse Show featuring Objekt

I know, another Rinse show but with Objekt in the mix it’s probably my favourite mix of the week his full fronted audial assaults working in and out of electro, techno and general oddities make his sets essential DJ in my mind.

This isn’t up on soundcloud just yet but you can grab the download from the Rinse podcasts here.

Audio Report: The Week’s Recommended Listens 04/09/2014

With so much to digest and share each week we thought it easier to start doing regular reports on what’s worth listening to to make sure you (and we) don’t miss anything. Here’s the first at the tail end of a very quality rich week…

1. Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

It was just a few weeks ago that a blimp in East London signaled that we might now, finally be seeing the release of new Aphex Twin material. Since then we’ve been steam rolling to the release titled Syro’s release on the 20th September and tonight its host label, Warp Records, unlocked a track from said album so we could finally hear (officially) what is in store. Any pre-orders from now on will also receive a free download of the track.

2. Pip Williams Kiss FM Mix

Being big fans of Pip Williams material (he’s provided a number of tracks you will have heard in our recent Rinse FM shows) this recent mix for Kiss FM is a bonafide treat.

3. Luke’s Anger – Rust Storm EP [Ugly Funk]

Ugly Funk returned from their haitus earlier in the year with a particularly rugged 12″ from Blackmass Plastics (check out our post on it here if you missed it). They’ve just announced a follow up from Norfolk based Luke’s Anger the previews of which you can check out here..

4. Joane Skyler – Lakmir

Joane Skyler’s caught our attention for her weirdo electronics, this track is taken off an upcoming compilation for Marshal Tellar Records.

5. Duke Slammer – Devil of the Moon EP teaser

Luke’s Anger again but under his acidic slower paced alias Duke Slammer coming soon on limited yellow vinyl. This has put its host label Slurp firmly on our radar whose other releases by Wagawagawaga

6. Fat Hop 007 : Itsu Uno / Han Do Jin [Previews]

Some party ready beats from Jerome Hill and Warlock

7. Objekt – Ganzfeld

This track is so good it kinda fails it to try and put words, we’ll just call it future music and leave it at that.

8. Lee Gamble ‘Nueme’ (PAN 59)

Taken from his upcoming album KOCH Nueme has been released online to heraled in the new LP from PAN’s Lee Gamble.


This track’s taken off what will be DMX Krew’s fourth album this year, he’s pretty good at consistently kicking out the funk.

10. Second Storey – Shaman Champagne

Taken of his forthcoming debut on Houndstooth Shaman Champagne outlays perfectly the kind of advanced production and ideas we can expect from the album which is out later this year. It’s something we’re very excited about.

Recommended: Scrase – Heart + Another EP’s [Love Love Redcords]

Released in August on a pair of trade mark white vinyl on Love Love Records were an excellent pair of EPs from the man Scrase. These were actually his first tracks ever to be cut to wax and span across organically percussioned techno of Another as well as including a warmer more electro infused Heart EP.

Available to buy now from and from all good record shops.

MIX: null+void Guest Rinse FM Show w/ 30 Min Monoak Live Set

We were back on the airwaves this weekend broadcasting live from 1-3am on Rinse.FM. Here’s the recording for your stereos. Thanks again to everyone who was locked!


1. Radioactive Man – Untitled [Forthcoming on Reindhart Records]
2. Second Storey – Devoted Notion [Forthcoming on Houndstooth]
3. Richard Fearless – Gamma Ray (Legowelt Remix) [Drone]
4. King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall [Forthcoming on Combat Recordings]
5. Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]
6. HAPE – 130103 [@3he]

7. Guest Mix – Monoak 30 Minute Live Set

8. Scrase – Another [Love Love Records]
9. Randomer – Huh [L.I.E.S.]
10. Marshall Jefferson Presents Hercules – Lost The Groove (Jerome Hill 2014 Revamp)
11. Abraham Cowley – Luna Saturni [Unreleased]
12. Ben Pest – Chang Mey [Unreleased]
13. Don’t Know Why – Nox [Fun In The Murky]
14. Tinfoil – Foil 5 [Tinfoil]
15. Bill Youngman – Teardrop Turns [Klllekill]
16. Dead Sound – LimaFX1 [Labrynth]
17. Luke’s Anger – Eat Em Up (Acid Mix) [Bonus Round]
18. Andreas Gehm – Solar Two [Forthcoming on Solar One]
19. Dave Monolith – Down [Unreleased]
20. 214 – Mailbox Peak [Unreleased]

Big thanks to Rinse, Scott and Andrei for having me down.