Radio: with Kirsti feat. Kim Cosmic & mindcolormusic Mixtape // KMAH Radio // 03/07/2019

@kirsti @kmahradio

Kirsti null+void Show

Aldich – Telecom Shift [forthcoming Super Hexgon]
James Shinra – Signs (John Beltrans 80s Reset Remix) [forthcoming Feel My Bicep]
Photonz – Baggy Kru [Naive]
Kord – Vilse [Femur]
ERP – ZRX [Frustrated Funk]
Silicon Scally – Mind Splitter [Cultivated Electronics]
Rush Plus – Staring At The Sun [E Missions]
Tim Taylor & DJ Slip – Pleasure Unit (Jerome Hill Remix) [Dame Music]
Stratton – Coming [Of Paradise]
Roel Funken – Thorn Cacti [forthcoming Methlab]
Bochum Welt – Melodie d’Aout [forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
Swarm Intelligence – Extraction [New York Trax]

– Kim Cosmic Live Set –

mindcolormusic Mixtape compiled by Kirsti

Eazykill – Atomsk Caged
Cool & Frank – Racoon Mailbox Adjusted
Nachtzug – Lazy Lazerz
Mnvr – twntn
Microlith – Echoes
Nachtzug – Granular Communications
Omni Causa – Mekanik Melody
Aquatronics – Coastal Plains
Robyrt Hecht & XY0815 – Igriega05
Fah – 2two