Radio: null+void with Kirsti feat. Junq // KMAH Radio // 05/06/2019

@kirsti @kmahradio

Join us at the next null+void Live event at The Glove that Fits on 28/06 with Shelley Parker, Monoak and PAul Heirophant


Paul Heirophant – Saturn [forthcoming Exalt Records]
Mesak – Tenin Loosi TE-1 []
Patrick Conway – Flight Path [forthcoming Fusion Diagnostics]
Otik – Tuskanary [forthcoming DEXT] s
Luke Vibert – Whooda Thunsquit [take 20] [forthcoming Balkan Vinyl]
Silicon Scally – Asynchronous [Central Processing Unit]
Youthman 29 5:08 [The Press Group]
Skyfarma – Destroid [WeMe Records]
Nightwave – Rainbow Body [Neautralizer Records]
No Cure For Cancer – De Bons En Pierre [Dark Entries]
Petwo Evans – White [Petrax]
Konx Om Pax – Magenta [forthcoming Planet Mu]
Special Request – Ardcore Dolphin [Houndstooth]
Rob Stow – Bad Acid [Don’t Recordings]
Reptant – Transcendents From The Outer Sphere [forthcoming Cragie Knowes]

Junq recorded live at null+void Live #1