Audio Report: 30/01/2015

A bumper edition catching up of all the best audio of January 2015.

1. Fran Hartnett DJ Set at Process Cork

Here’s a DJ from Dublin who majors in techno but with a great mix of broken and distorted beats making for a compelling and interesting listen.

2. user48736353001 – Aphex Twin archive dump

109 tracks and counting from Aphex Twin

3. Aphex Twin – Computer Controlled Instruments Pt2

This project released on Warp, sees Aphex Twin link up a range of instruments to midi mixing machine like drum programming with organic sound.

4. Also – Formation

ALSO are Appleblim and Second Storey – here’s a track from their collab out now on R&S.

5. Second Storey – One Sound (Luke Vibert Remix)

Second Storey’s label Houndstooth linked him with two of his all time musical heroes to remix his latest EP with both Cristian Vogel and Luke Vibert taking the reigns and here’s Vibert’s offering.

6. Cristian Vogel Lost In The Chase (Veslemes Video Edit 2015)

7. Helena Hauff – 50 Min Boiler Room Mix

8. London Modular Alliance – In Vacuum 120

9. Galaxian – From Glasgow To Detroit

With a title that references his inspiration and connection with Detroit’s DJ Stingray this track is Glasgow based artist Galaxian’s own hi-speed underwater take on electro.

10. Various Artists – Mutant City Acid

Unless you got hold of one of the 303 vinyl copies available this bandcamp stream is the only way you’re going to get to hear Balkan Vinyl’s. Volume two is in the works so don’t sleep when pre-orders go up.

11. NE170: L/F/D/M

12. Pip Williams – Fleck ESC – Nice Guy (Pip Williams Remix)

This remix is lifted from Fleck ESC’s new EP for Electrix, this Pip Williams remix kind of nails it.

13. Clark – Winter Boots (Part 1)

A suprise free EP from Clark this free download employs samples from Die Antwoord, Frank Ocean and Diana Ross.

14. Cristobal Tapia de Veer – Utopia 2 Soundtrack

Utopia was the most visually stunning and dramatically compelling television to come out of the UK in memorable history and the soundtrack by Cristobal Tapia was a huge part of making it so special (and weird). Here’s the previews of the soundtrack for the second (and regrettably final) series of the Channel Four epic.

15. Radioactive Man – Transponder

Lifted from his new 12″ on Reindhart Records

Audio: null + void Rinse FM Show January 2015

Great to be back on Rinse so early into the year and with some especially great music and exclusive plays of new Chris Moss Acid, MNLTH and Polybius Trax material:

Listen here:


1. Shinra – Fallen [Forthcoming null+void Recordings]
2. Second Storey – Layer Lock [Forthcoming Houndstooth]
3. Himuro Yoshiteru – I don’t Care What They Say [Acroplane Records]
4. Physical Therapy – Givin Me Live [Forthcoming Unknown to the Unknown]
5. Aa3_Tzt.[RN500] – Hinkley Point [Stray Landings]
6. Unknown Artist – Caress Like a Wave [Rewire]
7. Shelley Parker – Beachy Head [Structure]
8. DJ Spider & Franklin Da Costa – Second Bass [Forthcoming Killekill]
9. Ingen – Greification [Fixate Records]
10. Warlock – Seventeen Camels – [Forthcoming on Kick & Clap]
11. Abandoned Footwear – Mind Over Matter [Forthcoming Polybius Trax]
12. Chris Moss Acid – Spatial Dimension [Forthcoming Computer Controlled Records]
13. Chris Moss Acid & DMX Krew – What Size is your Jack [Unreleased]
14. Datassette – Tescnu Chaffinch [Unreleased]
15. Chevron – Vishnu 303 [Forthcoming Balkan Vinyl]
16. Obergman – Rosetta [Brokntoys]
17. Flec ESC – Nice Guy (Pip Williams Remix) [Forthcoming Electrix]
18. Duran Duran Duran – Rejectro [Tigerbeat6]
19. MNLTH – Traffic [Forthcoming Central Processing Unit]
20. Weevol – Worms in your Stinky Ears [weeDJs bandcamp]
21. Physical Therapy – CMERE [Forthcoming Unknown to the Unknown]
22. MNLTH – Headlight [Forthcoming Weme Records]
23. Shinra – Ball & Chain [Forthcoming null+void Recordings]
24. Luke Vibert – Fast [Rewire]
25. Second Storey – Cristian Vogel Remix [Forthcoming Houndstooth]
26. MNLTH – Time – [Forthcoming Weme Records]