Audio Report: This Week’s Recommended Listens 07/10/2014

Another double week report this time catching up with some recently released audio streams worth your ear time.

1. Taavi Tuluv -33°

Hailing from Estonia Taavi Tuluv specialises not only in expansive ambient works formed from his own made field recordings but also some brilliantly fronting techno. This track here however, newly upped last week, is of the former kind of work a quite jarring yet beautiful drone work.

2. VHS Head – Bleep Mix

Some weird-ass cut up electronics from Skam’s VHS Head – this mix perfectly mirrors his production.

3. Squish Kibosh – Electroplasmix Case 013: ‘Seasonal Affecive Disorder’

This mix has been timed to drop pretty well for the beginning of winter, we’re going to need all the help we can get. Glasgow’s Squish Kibosh here shares the darker side of his collection off in this mix.

4. DMX Krew Rinse FM show

This needs little introduction – any time DMX Krew shares any portion of his record bag it’s a real joy.

5. Come On You Cunts Let’s Have Some Aphex Classics

With so much going on now around the release of Syro this mix went a step further into celebrating the life and works of Richard D James.

6. Radioactive Man – From The Dub Vaults Previews

At 8 years in the making this project is the realisation of Radioactive Man’s love of all things dub, previews are now available on the host label’s player.

7. September’s Plex Sessions

Plex’s Luke Handsfree back in again for picking out tracks from Clubroot, Surgeon, Cristian Vogel, Pub, Alva Noto, Ricardo Villalobos vs Sparky in what they deem a “spacier-than-normal” show. Plex are back at Corsica Studios this November for their annual mega rave this time teaming up with Bleed and Them you can grab tickets here.

8. Jerome Hill – Paperbag Acid

Big release from Jerome Hill! This is the second 12″ on his new Super Rhythm Trax imprint which specialises in all things acid and house formed which you can stream in full courtesy of the people at Ransom Note.

9. DSNT Mix for Stray Landings

Being a follower of DSNT’s label and website for quite some time it feels like this mix sums up what the Belfast based collective are about – proper technoid club sounds – in for the excellent Stray Landings site.

0034 // DSNT by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

10. Dieter.1982 – TCHN006 + TCHN005

Dieter.1982 is a Finnish producer specialising (under this alias) in rawly formed techno who dropped us a line the other week to introduce himself, to date the tracks are only available to listen to via his Soundcloud with a remix project available via Bandcamp (here).