MIX: null+void Guest Rinse FM Show w/ 30 Min Monoak Live Set

We were back on the airwaves this weekend broadcasting live from 1-3am on Rinse.FM. Here’s the recording for your stereos. Thanks again to everyone who was locked!


1. Radioactive Man – Untitled [Forthcoming on Reindhart Records]
2. Second Storey – Devoted Notion [Forthcoming on Houndstooth]
3. Richard Fearless – Gamma Ray (Legowelt Remix) [Drone]
4. King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall [Forthcoming on Combat Recordings]
5. Objekt – Ganzfeld [Leisure System]
6. HAPE – 130103 [@3he]

7. Guest Mix – Monoak 30 Minute Live Set

8. Scrase – Another [Love Love Records]
9. Randomer – Huh [L.I.E.S.]
10. Marshall Jefferson Presents Hercules – Lost The Groove (Jerome Hill 2014 Revamp)
11. Abraham Cowley – Luna Saturni [Unreleased]
12. Ben Pest – Chang Mey [Unreleased]
13. Don’t Know Why – Nox [Fun In The Murky]
14. Tinfoil – Foil 5 [Tinfoil]
15. Bill Youngman – Teardrop Turns [Klllekill]
16. Dead Sound – LimaFX1 [Labrynth]
17. Luke’s Anger – Eat Em Up (Acid Mix) [Bonus Round]
18. Andreas Gehm – Solar Two [Forthcoming on Solar One]
19. Dave Monolith – Down [Unreleased]
20. 214 – Mailbox Peak [Unreleased]

Big thanks to Rinse, Scott and Andrei for having me down.

Download: Stormfield – Smashment Mix Recorded Live at Boomtown 2014

This weekend just gone Combat Recordings boss Stormfield took himself to Boom Town fest and delivered one of his trademark bashment sets we’ve seen this go off first hand but were unable to join in the latest happening. So we were pretty happy when he dropped it over in an email offering us the exclusive on the mix – you can download and stream in the player below and here’s some words from the man himself to introduce the set properly:

This was recorded live last Saturday at Boomtown Fest 2014, in the Garden of Legends. 100 minutes of bashment, jungle, glitchy acid and ritualistic techy drum’n’bass in a relentless, bass-driven Combat Recs style. It includes some unreleased dubs, and a sneak preview of a beast of a tune “Doomsday Dancehall” by King Cannibal, which gets released on the Ten Years of Combat compilation this autumn.

The set was recorded internally, thus does not include the microphone. There was some gremlins in the dubsiren channel so all reverb, delay effects used were internal as well. There’s a couple slip-ups but i’ve left them in and blame the 52% plum brandy.

Shouts out to Laurie and crew, special mention to Hue Jah Fink, Treen and Kawasaki Kate

Juice Aleem – Rock my Hologram – Si Begg remix
Spectrum – Don’t Fuk
Stereotyp feat. Jahdan – Regiment Riddim (dub)
Stereotyp feat. Jahdan – Regiment Riddim (vocal)
King Cannibal – Aragami Style
Kid606 – Come back Wicked – Timeblind remix
Stereotyp – Trunk dub
Kid606 – Come back Wicked – Timeblind vox
King Cannibal – Shining Force
Stereotyp – Just a Fool
Cursor Miner – Street Madness
Milanese – Mr Ion (Impossible remix)
Crunch – Crookid Manor
The Bug – Fire version
Hue Jah Fink – Fukhedonizm
King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall (Combat Recs forthcoming)
Dr Octagon – Blue Flowers (Bass Christ in the Nite Garden remix)
Cursor Miner – Everybody want Power
Apparat & Raz Ohara – Hold On (Modeselektor remix)
Milanese – Caramel Fixup feat Dizee Rascal
Hue Jah Fink – Deadly Sinz
Bong Ra – Human Cargo
The Bug feat. Daddy Freddy – Run Da Place Red (AFX mix)
King Cannibal – Badman Near Dark
Stereotyp feat. Coppa – Blaze and Cook
The Bug – Bloodfire
Photek – Terminus
Stereotyp feat. Coppa – Big Flows
Stormfield – Drone search sequence
A.J. Robinson & Loxy – Each & Every
DBridge – Mourning Dawn
Noisia – The Bells
Broken Note – Meltdown
Concealed Identity – Kuniyoshi
Broken Note – Meltdown
Concealed Identity – Nomad
Defcon1 – Time is the Fire
Concealed Identity – Ubuntu
Special Forces – Something else (Bleeps tune)
Concealed Identity – Ubuntu
Digital & The Spirit – Mission Accomplished
Infest & Quasi – More out of Life
Ghislain Poirer – Get Crazy – Mark Pritchard remix
The Untouchables – Adamantium
The Bug – Blood and Fire – DJ Scud mix
DJ Pierre – Box Energy – AFX remix
Bong Ra – Murder You
Jahtari feat. Afrikan Simba – Protect I
Milanese – Espantoso

Combat Recordings Facebook Page / Combat Recordings Website

News: Rob Swain And Andrea Parker Call In Support For Their Rewire Project

Curated by Rob Swain and Andrea Parker Rewire seeks to realign the relationship between art and music by asking the musician to respond to artwork instead of the artwork’s traditional role in supporting a musical release. They’ve linked together some of the leading urban artists and electronic experimentalists today to be involved including Cristian Vogel, Luke Vibert, Evac and Clatterbox on the audio side and Augustine Kofie, Moneyless, sheOne and Phil Ashcroft on the visual art.

In order to realise this ambitious project they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund it, they’re nearly at the target of £5,000 but are calling on last minute pledgers to realise their goal before this Saturday 9th August.

For more information and to pledge check the Kickstarter here.