Audio: null+void Rinse FM Show w / Guest Mix From Scrase

Last night / in the early hours of this morning we were back on Rinse FM for a guest show. Being long time fans of Scrase and seeing as he has a pair of EP’s coming out on Love Love Records this August we invited him to put together a 30 minute mix as well. Thanks for everyone who was locked on the night, for those of you who missed it you can now stream in the player below…

1. Datasette – Salad Error [Unreleased]
2. Pip Williams – Moody Prick [Unreleased]
3. Scrase – Flyover (MNLTH) Remix [Love Love Records]
4. Jerimiah R – Interplanetary Phenomemnon Unit [Enklav]
5. Josh Brent – Underground Renegades [The Nothing Special]
6. DeFeKT – A Side Chane Drive [Komish]
7. Second Storey – Shamen Champagne [Houndstooth]
8. Ingen & Boris Noiz – Root & Stem (Fausten Remix) [Combat Recordings]
9. Mike Ash – Nitric [Super RhythmTrax]
10. Jerome Hill – 87% Gore [Unreleased]
11. Warlock – Rose Tin [Unreleased]
12. Scrase – Silo Fin [Love Love Records]
13. Tudor Acid – Persephon5 [Tudor Beats]

— Scrase Guest Mix (No Tracklisting)

14. J.T.C – In Transit – DMX Krew Remix [Cultivated Electronics]
15. 214 – Yellow Jackets [Unreleased]
16. Carl Finlow – Sub Unit [Electrix]
17. Ben Pest – Massive Flounce [Unreleased]
18. Shinra – Fallen [null+void Recordings]

Massive thanks to for having us on the station and for Scrase for putting together his guest mix for the show.

Scrase Heart and Another EP’s are out soon on Love Love Records pre-order here:…other-2×12-bu/

Scrase Facebook:…31454151?fref=ts

On Release: Surachai – Ritual

Composed entirely on the Cwejman S1 MKII, which according to the maker’s website is “a semi modular analogue synthesizer and modules for the 19′ Eurorack systems” Ritual by Surachai has all of that innate listening to pleasure to it that analogue signals never fail to impart.

There’s extensive insight and information on the Surachai website covering its production (here) and artwork (here) and you can stream and purchase the album via the player below.

Full disclosure, I was tipped on this via Venitian Snares recent fun and interesting interview with XLR8R

On Release: Lukes Anger – Show Me Some Lazer

Luke’s Anger is best known for his wonked out techno but for his latest LP, out now on Bonus Round, he’s taken things off on a tangent employing a selection of cut up iconic rave sounds to form the album. Don’t get me wrong it also includes some Electribe fuelled techno work outs and also includes his Lee Scratch Perry guested digi dub track Earthworm. You can listen in full (and purchase) via this Bandcamp player…

Luke’s Anger on Facebook // Bonus Round Soundcloud

Download: Ben Pest Puts Up [some of] His Back Catalogue on Bandcamp

Just the other week Ben Pest upped a heap of his back catalogue to Bandcamp including both of his Panic Bridge EP’s (which were only previously available on vinyl) as well as his Victim and Don’t releases. You can pay what you want on his page here.

Here’s one of our personal favourites from the collection:

Recommended Event: Planet Mu at fabric with Luke Vibert and Neil Landstrumm

Planet Mu parties have always been a highlight of ours so we’re happy they’re back this weekend at fabric with Luke Vibert headlining a live set from Neil Landstrumm as well as sets from Ital, Ital Tek and some guaranteed rinsing from Remarc.

Hessle Audio are also hosting a room at the club with experimentalist Matthew Herbert as special guest.

Here’s some music and interviews to whet your appetite for the night ahead. More info and tickets can be found here.

Landstrumm interviews Vibert:

Hyp 182: Neil Landstrumm (Moss Trooper Live Mix) by Hyponik on Mixcloud


Photo by Nick Ensing

Premier: Ingen & Noiz – Root & Stem (Fausten remix) Video by

It was just the other month that we helped announce Boris Noiz and Ingen’s collaborative EP for Combat Redcordings – a fierce techno workout which featured a frenetically worked sci-fi edit by Monster X and Stormfield’s side project Fausten (Stormfield also being the man behind the host label). Just recently a label associate from camp handed them a video to sit alongside the Fausten remix; a visual that riffs of the label’s menacing logo with its form and generally evil presence being abstracted throughout the edit.

Label boss Stormfield had some words to say about the video’s theme to give us some background on the imagery:

“The mask is called a “Hanya”, its a demon mask in Japanese mythology. There’s a famous film called Oni Baba about this. The mask is cursed, it makes people fear the wearer, but price for that power is that it cannot be taken off – to do so permanently damages the user’s face. All very cheery stuff…

The video was done by a longtime collaborator, Dan from Discordance. He listened to the track and just decided to have a go, and it turned out immense! He was also watching a movie “Valhalla Rising” and said it fit the film’s “chapters” perfectly. I haven’t watched the film yet.

I do think it perfectly captures the vibe of the track’s sound: tension, relentless battle-charge, multiple sustained explosions and superstructures collapsing, all happening so rapidly that it feels slow and almost still, rapturous / contemplative.

Huge thanks to Dan for his awesome work!”

Rituals EP is available now on Bandcamp

For more on Discordance’s visual work look back at this 20 minute Dead Fader live set we reported on here.

null036: BILLY NASTY

It’s quite apt that the image supplied by Billy Nasty to accompany his podcast for us is him holding up a record, he’s done a lot to push the format (his mix was actually delivered in two parts recorded to dat tape a first for us) behind the scenes and in the DJ booth. He’s been the record game for quite some time being deemed to have released first ever commercial DJ mix in ’93 as well as generally being regarded as a talented player around the world and also has built massive respect for the output he coordinated on his respective imprints Tourtured and Electrix – which after an 8 year break back came back with a bang in 2013.

He’s kind of a hero in null+void camp so were more than happy when he agreed to exchange some words with us and put together an exclusive mix for us which contains a few super-exclusive first listens from an upcoming compilation coming to Electrix this summer…

So Bill let’s start by talking about your move back to Brighton how come you left the smoke? It was great having you in Blackmarket and your electro wall…

Yes it’s great to be back in Brighton although we did move back to the flat just at the start of the worse storms for 50 years and being 2 blocks back from the sea it felt at times like we had moved into a remote wind battered lighthouse. It’s also been great to get all my records (Approx 18,000) out of storage and to have room in the front room to store them all. I joke that the front room is like a vast musical library and a place of higher learning..although It’s taken me a few months to get them in a workable file and order, its been well worth the time.

It was a shame that working @ BM Soho was no longer a practical option with living in Brighton and the daily commute I would have faced, as I thoroughly enjoyed being behind the counter again working with all the staff there. Setting up my Electro wall & constantly Trying my hardest to convert the shops regulars into proper electro is and trying to convince them its going to be the next Big thing musically. I’d also like to thank Don & Ox from Dub Vendor for getting me into Reggae , Dub and in particular Ska. It was great being there surrounded by loads of records. Which i can now see clearly in retrospect have been my life’s biggest love affair.

You seem to have lots going on now behind the scenes setting up the agency and your new record store Vinyl Curtain, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been keeping you busy lately?

Yes I’ve started my own agency Electrix bookings and I’m very proud to announce that we look after DynArec, Carl Finlow, Fleck ESC, Radioactive Man, RadioNasty, Sync 24, Pip Williams and obviously myself as well. On top of this I’ve just opened a record shop here in Brighton called The Vinyl Curtain which I’ve been planning & working on since the start of the year.

When I started null+void it really seemed like all the music the covered especially electro was going straight to digital but it looks now there’s more and more getting pressed to wax – is it just me or have you also noticed a growth in electro being released to vinyl?

I’ve noticed a growth in electro labels recently as i think people have warmed to the idea of 200/250 limited presses which is good for collectors and for small labels as that’s all there selling at the moment. Cultivated electronics , Central Processing Unit and Brokntoys for example are releasing some great electro at the moment.

The compilation you mentioned the other day sounds like it’s going to be big – that Pip Williams track I played on my Rinse show for one has already been proved to be a killer – what else do you have lined up for it?

Pip’s “Cutty Told Me” is an absolute killer and was in Dave Clarke’s top electro tracks of last year I was amazed when I found out it hadn’t been released yet and quickly signed it to the Electrix Shocks compilation. The LP will be released in 3/4 months from now and will feature trax from artists on the agency + The Exaltics and a few other interesting surprises that I’m keeping secret for now…

Seems a lot to get a handle on – do you enjoy operating on all these different roles or would you prefer to just be a DJ which is primarily how you made your mark initially?

It has been a busy few months with the move and setting up the agency & shop but now that they’re up n running + the usual DJ’ing & the running of the label I’m now finding it easier and learning to divide my time sensibly to each project.

How have you found the reception to the tortured records vs electrix – it’s been a year now since you brought them back…

I’ve been really pleased with the amazing reception to the relaunch of both labels over the last year. As well as the Electrix Shocks compilation I have quite a few strong releases already lined to go. In the 8 year break between the relaunch and the labels’ first runs technology and the music industry has changed a lot but the labels Philosophy, style & direction has not and to me it seems just as valid today as it did 10 years ago.

Have you also been busy with RadioNasty – there was that Dynarec remix that I know is coming soon but are you close to finishing off any more EP’s?
RadioNasty (Keith Tenniswood & Myself) have been working on the next wave of releases over the last 6 months or so and were nearing completion of EP’s for Electrix, Tortured & Craig Richards The Nothing Special label which released our first 2 trax Radio1 & Radio2. on top of this we recently remixed DynArecs Safe scouting guide which will feature on the Harmonic Knight EP – ELECTRIX004 which should be released next month. I really enjoy working with the Radioactive man and I’m proud of all our releases so far.

Cheers for doing the mix too – can you tell us a bit about your approach and the tracks you’ve selected?

I planned the mix using some forthcoming unreleased Electrix tracks from Sync24, Mazzula , Mr Velcro Fastener and The Advent with a few tracks/remixes from some of my favorite electro artists such as The Hacker, Marco Bernardi & Anthony Rother. With all mixes I do I try my best to start slowly and gradually build up in tempo and intensity as the mix continues. I hope everyone likes this mix as i always enjoy doing Electro mixes even though there often harder to program.

Billy Nasty Null + Void Mix tracklisting

1 The Advent – Electro Pandemic (Sterac Electronics Remix) H-Productions
2 Sync 24 – 10 days remix – Cultivated Electronics
3 Antony Rother – Automat – Psi49Net
4 Antony Rother – Medium – Psi49Net
5 Pip williams – Cutty Told Me – Electrix
6 Sync 24 – Poll Wars – Electrix
7 dynArec – Safe Scouting Guide (RadioNasty Remix) – Electrix
8 Morphology – Darkstar (Hacker Remix) – Cultivated Electronics
9 Mr Velcro Fastener – Sulajoki – Electrix
10 Marco Bernardi – Genetic Genocide – Brokentys
11 Advent – Eurodynamic – Electrix
12 Umwelt – Journey Through The Universe – Electrix
13 Mazzula – Sleeping Dragon – Electrix

Electrix Bookings // Electrix and Tortured Records Facebook // Billy Nasty Facebook