Mix: Weatherall Electro Mix 2000

Imagine if it was your birthday and you received a cassette tape from Andrew Weatherall made up of 2000 era electro and what came before it? You’d kind of explode with joy. Well that happened to Carl Finlow for his own happy anniversary a few years back and he’s upped it to Soundcloud for us all to enjoy – complete with ambient hiss.

Video: Poborsk – Gradient Scene [Bedroom Research]

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll also be familiar with ICASEA, an always excellent electronic music label with an eye on sound art, design and IDM skewed beats. One of the artists from their roster is Marseille based Poborsk who as well as featuring on many of the label’s compilations has also seen a multitude of solo releases over the years. It’s been a bit of time since we’ve heard from the synthetic computer funk producer so we’re particularly happy to hear that he has a new long player released today. You can listen and download it for free thanks to Bedroom Research (another recommended digital label) on their bandcamp here and check out the lovely video they’ve made to promote it in the player here.

Porborsk on Icasea // Bedroom Research Website

Video: Fragments by RFID’s Ben Gannaway & Will Young Featuring Music By Jake Williams

Anyone who experienced Bloc installed in their Minehead location over the years will have enjoyed experiencing the 3D visuals and sonics of the RFID dome and the true meaning of ‘immersive’. That term does like to be banded around quite a lot but you truly got that feeling inside that dome. The guys behind it, Will Young and Ben Gannaway have a new project afoot, working alongside musician Jake Williams called Fragments they’re premiering today at the iX Symposium in Montreal.

The piece takes on parts of stories told by their subjects relaying stories of emotionally charged experiences, to quote their own information on the project this will give you a better idea about the technology they’ve utilised and how it all works:

“Their work is created synergetically throughout the use of interlinked processes, performance parameters of the visuals are tied to sonic processes and vice versa, often in feedback loops and their work grows out of this interaction creating a truly audio visual performance.

“Much of the visual content is captured using the new Kinect2 sensor which captures a range of information such as depth and infra-red data as well as video. This allows the artists to reconstruct a 3D scene from their recorded footage and creates enormous potential for further manipulation during the performance in Montreal. Whatsmore, their version of the Kinect2 is currently one of only 500 in a limited trial release. Its a brand new api with new hardware which is hugely more sensitive than its predecessor”

FRAGMENTS premiers on 23rd May 2014 at 9pm at the the iX Symposium in Montreal

It will also be performed as part of EM15 (Elektra + Mutek festivals 15th Birthdays) in the Satsophere with a 30 minute performance during the following slots:
28th May 8.30pm – 10.30pm
29th May 8.30pm -10.30pm
30th May 8.30pm – 10.30pm
31st May at 2.30pm – 6.30pm and 8.30pm – 10.30pm
1st June at 2.30pm – 6.30pm

For more information head to:

fragmentsav.com // www.jakeone.co.uk www.rfidome.com em15.ca

Point B – Heart Of Matter [Frijsfo Beats]

It’s been a year since Point B has released any music he still gets busy in the studio, making his way in the real world as a sound designer. This ear and capability for engineering advanced sonics has always been evident on his production but for this album, Heart Of Matter he’s employed these skills in an entirely new and totally compelling way.

Soft stepping padwork provides the bed for many of the tracks, linking in and around the 2 step patterns he’s known for but the similarities stop there. This record sits closer to shoegaze-ey electronica akin to the likes of DNTEL and he pulls it off nicely, as soon as ‘Surely Now’ hits, the record takes on a whole new dimension and explodes spectacularly into bliss psychadelia. Suits those summer dreams we all like to think up as the promise in the midst of the air of spring blooms.

Frijsfo Beats Facebook

Video: Ingen & Boris Noiz – Rituals EP Promo Video

Finally out for release this week is Ingen & Boris Noiz’s Rituals EP on Combat Recordings, label boss Stormfield has put together a video which you can check below as well as stream the whole release in full and buy via the Bandcamp player.

Recommended: Function/Inland ‘Odeon/Rhyl’ EP [Infrastructure]

I think we all know that David Sumner aka Function was part of the Sandwell District collective whose operations drew to a close last year. Since then it looks like he’s been focussed on getting his imprint Infrastructure back up and running the first release of which is set to hit the shelves next week. I actually got to speak to Sumner about the project in length for an interview on fabric’s website which you can read here and heard about his plans proper from the horses mouth.

For the project he’s teamed up with Ed Davenport (Inland) and has produced a record that reaches away from Sandwell District’s techno operatus towards a deeper meditative electronica realm that draws on early Warp and IDM constructions at its base and is a bit beautiful. The record’s out next week and you can check some audio snippets in the player here.

Infrastructure Facebook // Pre-order on Juno

Video: Drone Higher Electronic States

We’ve noted a new project from Death In Vegas’s Richard Fearless of late nodding to the dark basement spaces of the world and drawing on some really deep acidic grooves along the way. He’s released a new record this week on self-helmed label Drone and this video to go with it. There’s more info on the project and buying the record here.