Exclusive Download: Beatwife – Dwistco (Love Love Records)

The latest release to come from the Love Love camp is an electro infused, acidic 16 tracker from LA based electronic musician Beatwife aka Richard Wilson. They’ve been teasing out some of the tracks via Youtube which have half fooled some forum talkers they’re the work of Richard D James, you can see why, they do seem to chime nicely with the brain enlightening slash dance floor bound sound you’d hope from the next (if it ever happens) Aphex record.

Wilson is the true artist behind these mysterious audio releases, who has also recently released an album in collaboration with Henry Collins for Planet Mu under the alias Misty Conditions and is currently working alongside Sid Wilson of Slipknot as a member of The Miami Vice Sound Crack. This album, Cornbrail Acid 2, however sees Wilson take a smoother approach from his sometime ruffneck junglist productions as you can hear in the track we’ve been offered up to give away on free download which you can enjoy below.

You can purchase the full album via the Love Love website here.