Exclusive Download: Beatwife – Dwistco (Love Love Records)

The latest release to come from the Love Love camp is an electro infused, acidic 16 tracker from LA based electronic musician Beatwife aka Richard Wilson. They’ve been teasing out some of the tracks via Youtube which have half fooled some forum talkers they’re the work of Richard D James, you can see why, they do seem to chime nicely with the brain enlightening slash dance floor bound sound you’d hope from the next (if it ever happens) Aphex record.

Wilson is the true artist behind these mysterious audio releases, who has also recently released an album in collaboration with Henry Collins for Planet Mu under the alias Misty Conditions and is currently working alongside Sid Wilson of Slipknot as a member of The Miami Vice Sound Crack. This album, Cornbrail Acid 2, however sees Wilson take a smoother approach from his sometime ruffneck junglist productions as you can hear in the track we’ve been offered up to give away on free download which you can enjoy below.

You can purchase the full album via the Love Love website here.

The Week Just Missed: Luke Vibert, Eomac, DJ Flush and Housemeister Mixes

This week has been a bit on the busy side so unfortunately the blog has not been as populated with new posts as it should be, so to make sure some mixes that have been standing out and I think are worth noting aren’t missed off null+void entirely here’s a little round up of some music from the week just gone.

Firstly is this mix from Eomac for Juno, his new album is due to drop in April on Killekill. There’s also a good read to be found with his interview here.

There’s also this mix from Killekll boss DJ Flush which was recorded live at a recent Boiler Room in Berlin. Respect Nico.

We’ve also come across this wicked old school electro mix from Housemeister set out to reflect what’s upcoming on his imprint AYCB.

And finally a mix from the big boss man Luke Vibert courtesy of FACT Magazine as he looks forward to the drop of his new album Ridmik, seeing out I Love Acid on the 12th April and joining Neil Landstrumm at FABRICLIVE this June.

On Release: Global Goon – Destroy The Mirror [Balkan Vinyl]

This album has been on heavy rotation since I received an advance copy ahead of the null+void Rinse FM show, it’s exactly the weirdo and dancefloor acid you would hope for from an artist such is Global Goon. It’s out today on digital release on the ever excellent Balkan Vinyl – I won’t talk about it too much as you can check the previews on the Bandcamp player where you can also purchase the full 14 track release.

p.s. eyes on Balkan Vinyl for a 12″ from DMX Krew and Bass Junkie hitting the shops next week limited to 303 records, vinyl only.

Video: DNTEL Leaving Records x Boiler Room Los Angeles Live Set

This is something a bit different from Boiler Room, instead of a feed of a load of people crowded round a DJ, for this live set from DNTEL the view’s restricted small room packed full of electronic gear and a ram jammed modular synth unit. I think I prefer it this way. What follows is a superbly indulgent jam session and something I’ve really enjoyed getting into today.

Premier: Ingen & Boris Noiz – Rituals EP Previews

For the entirety of their existence Combat Recordings have made themselves known for their consistently hard edged and gritty output and in true form they are kicking off 2014 with a suitably hard hitting EP from Ingen & Boris Noiz. It’s a four tracker collaborative industrialised techno workout set for digital release this May and comes complete with a remix by the deadly and mysterious Fausten.

You most likely will have had Ingen and Boris Noiz on your radars before – Ingen previously releasing on Darkfloor Sound, Si Begg’s Noodles, Nerve recordings, Digital Distortions, Wired Room and Tribal Waves and has provided remixes for Si Begg, Temper D and Dirty Servant while Boris Noiz has already released for Combat under his own name and as one half of Ontal as well as remixing the aforementioned Fausten for their album on Ad Noiseum last year. The union makes sense as you can hear in the player producing a collection of techno with that mechanical funk lilt.

They’ve broken the good news today and you can take a listen to the previews for the first time here.

Download: 5th Wall Record’s Malaria Charity Compilation

Brooklyn Based label 5th Wall Records have released a 13 track album to raise funds for a pair of malaria charities, Malaria No More and Nothing but Nets with the price of the release covering the cost of a net capable of protecting an entire family that could save lives. They’ve collected quite an impressive load of music as part of the package with Eomac, Bleaching Agent and Clouds among the artist to donate music and 100% of the money will go direct to the charities.

Here’s the words from 5th Wall Records with more information on their campaign and you can listen and click to buy the release via the Bandcamp player below.

Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria. Brooklyn-based label Fifth Wall Records is proud to announce its first charity compilation, “No Person is an Island,” with 100% of proceeds going to two nonprofit organizations dedicated to ending deaths caused by malaria: Malaria No More and Nothing But Nets.

Malaria No More works through a variety of methods, such as education, prevention, and treatment, while Nothing But Nets focuses solely on providing mosquito nets to families in need. For as little as $10 (the cost of the compilation), you can purchase a net for an entire family and save a life.

Many thanks to all our artists for donating their music and especially to our longtime mastering engineer, Michael Harms of MegaSonic, for mastering all of these incredible tunes free of charge.

Video: Anklepants on The Network Awesome Show

Anklepants may the the must unnerving to look at electronic music maker there is, so in this newly upped video for Network Awesome prepare to be grossed out by his headwear but also in a way it’s refreshing to have someone singing about dicks instead of tits for once. The song’s taken from the animatronics master performs is also available to buy on his Bandcamp page here.

Recommended: Dez Williams – Happiness is Pain [Transient Force]

There’s quite a few full length albums that have either just been released this year or are forthcoming that are exciting null+void. The year began with Clatterbox’s outside the box release and we’ve also got wind of new LP’s forthcoming from Luke Vibert and Global Goon. Dez Williams also has recently completed an album that recently saw release on Transient Force we found it fully compelling listen from start to finish.

You can buy and stream the whole thing in the player below.