Out Now: Tudor Acid – Wrong Side of Day Pt 8 (Tudor Beats)


 As we’ve said many times before, there’s something about the architectural drum patterns of Tudor Acid, and for his 8th Wrong Side of Day release (that means there are only two left in the series) Richard Wigglesworth reached new ethereal heights. 

The music’s inspired from a recent Felixian experience (freefalling) and has been mastered in 5.1 surround, on DVD and put to images collated from Wigglesworth’s homstead of Bristol. Some words from the man himself.

“These tracks were written around the time I did a skydive for charity.  When you are falling through the clouds at 120 mph two miles above the earth, you really do experience a very distilled form of terror.  But what is almost more troubling is the very eerie stillness you experience just before you jump out of the plane.”

Available to buy now from www.tudorbeats.co.uk