Mix: DJ Stingray New Forms Mix

The power of Stingray. Nobody plays it like him.

He’s in town this October on the 19th October too.

Check Micron Audio his label for more fearless beats.

Download via XLR8R here.


01 The Advent “Dark (Fader) Side” (Kombination Research)
02 Hell & Jonzon “Lifeform” (Disko B)
03 Delinquent Dialect “Minimal Electronic” (Temple Dog)
04 Ultradyne “Fantasy Era” (SCSI AV)
05 Shadow People “Firestarter” (Southern Outpost)
06 Autechre “Dial” (Warp)
07 Dead Silence Syndicate “Edge City Express” (Control Tower UK)
08 Galaxian “Repent” (Trajectory 2020X)
09 E8 “Micropacer 1” (Marguerita)
10 Addison Groove “Work It” (Swamp 81)
11 Tactical Systems “Graviton Force” (Roulette Rekordz)
12 Silicon “Electron Push” (NSC)
13 Transllusion “Cerebral Cortex Malfunction” (Supremat)
14 The Sentinel “Wrong Time” (Southern Outpost)
15 Alden Tyrell “Digger” (Clone)
16 Silicon “0%” (Frustrated Funk)
17 The Advent “Wasper” (Kombination Research)
18 Cosmic Force “Optical Rape” (Clone)
19 Delinquent Dialect “Fear LED” (Temple Dog)
20 Galaxian “Repent” (Trajectory 2020X)
21 Drexciya “Positron Island” (Underground Resistance)