Stream: Kid606 – Lost in the Game (Tigerbeat 6)

We’re long time fans of Kid606 known for being a bit plunderphonic, a bit nuts ravey and getting to the point of mentalist dance music for quite some time. This new album slows things right down to the point of introspection diverging into shoegazey electronica territory. Listen to the whole thing in full in the player below, available to buy now from all good digital shops. 


Mix: DJ Stingray New Forms Mix

The power of Stingray. Nobody plays it like him.

He’s in town this October on the 19th October too.

Check Micron Audio his label for more fearless beats.

Download via XLR8R here.


01 The Advent “Dark (Fader) Side” (Kombination Research)
02 Hell & Jonzon “Lifeform” (Disko B)
03 Delinquent Dialect “Minimal Electronic” (Temple Dog)
04 Ultradyne “Fantasy Era” (SCSI AV)
05 Shadow People “Firestarter” (Southern Outpost)
06 Autechre “Dial” (Warp)
07 Dead Silence Syndicate “Edge City Express” (Control Tower UK)
08 Galaxian “Repent” (Trajectory 2020X)
09 E8 “Micropacer 1” (Marguerita)
10 Addison Groove “Work It” (Swamp 81)
11 Tactical Systems “Graviton Force” (Roulette Rekordz)
12 Silicon “Electron Push” (NSC)
13 Transllusion “Cerebral Cortex Malfunction” (Supremat)
14 The Sentinel “Wrong Time” (Southern Outpost)
15 Alden Tyrell “Digger” (Clone)
16 Silicon “0%” (Frustrated Funk)
17 The Advent “Wasper” (Kombination Research)
18 Cosmic Force “Optical Rape” (Clone)
19 Delinquent Dialect “Fear LED” (Temple Dog)
20 Galaxian “Repent” (Trajectory 2020X)
21 Drexciya “Positron Island” (Underground Resistance)

[DOWNLOAD] Various Artists – Electro Compendium [Anti Social Network]

I was going to make this blog post into a selection of tracks picked out as individual recommendations, but as I work my way through this 116 track compilation (current point is track 44) I realised it’s really not fair. I’m happy to say that what people feel towards many 12 tracks albums – that a few fall short of being ‘killer’ – isn’t true with this release and it’s an incredible representation of a sound and beat that is often overlooked – Electro.

This project was initiated and compiled in a very openly sourced manner via the Electro group on Facebook by Dave Paton of the wee djs and Jean-Paul Body who just this week put out this staggering collection of music. Not only are there unknown names, but also people who are highly regarded as legends of the scene from Clatterbox, Silicon Scally (Carl Finlow) to Radioactive Man. 

So instead of picking out some tracks over others as being most worthy of listening, all tracks are worth your investment in time, a project of listening that will be rewarded track to track. It’s available to stream and download in full now via Bandcamp for free and will also be released in an iPhone app and in parts on Additech.

The Electro Compendium by Various  


Justin Maxwell – Join
Collapsicon – Six
Diamondback Kid – Coma
Silicon Scally – Triggered
214 – The Spores Are Coming
Stick 430 – Get A Grip, Foo
the wee djs – I Can’t Make Up My Mind
Galaxian – Decoy
Code Rising – By Your Command
The Pod – Space Problems
Dave Tarrida – Slack Is Back
Bass Kittens – Rare Bread
Volsoc – Soundcheck (Tony’s Theme)
Plant 43 – Wounding Words
Arnold Steiner – 07.20.69
DVS NME – Unobtanium Master
Volum – Forced States Of Matter
Kretz – Errechnen sie das leben
Espion – Encounter
Mesak – M-Power
Alavux – Tunnel
Ben Milstein – Felonius Crunk
b0t23 – AcidBBQ
Datassette – GUI Spew
Matt Whitehead – Lunashock
La Synthesis – Reprise
Zack Delta – Alter Natives
Goliath – Sleeper
Dexorcist – Storm Warning
Burnibus – Too Much To Ask
Dekode – Black Cell
Errorbeauty – Z~ORGON
Shadowbunny – Apathetic Void
Keruba – Messerschmitt über Tokio
The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy – The Reaper
Neil Landstrumm Versus Tommy Akira Kiteshi – Retour de France
Poladroid – Rendez Vous
Orson Bramley – Las Vegas
ArdBit & RoelFuncken – Drubber
Ruxpin – Snegurochka
Zwart Licht Kommando – Fluid Dynamics
MANASYt – Daylight For 15 Seconds
Radioactiveman Vs Dexorcist – 10 Years
Linear Systems – Fire In My Heart
Jeff Taylor Cross – SINIstar
d3 – Descent
Sir Real – The Acrid Clause
ADJ – Ghetto Life
Clatterbox – Space Tourist
Antilogic – Electro Victim
Dez Williams – URwhatUR
Michael Forshaw – y’iiidiot
Paul Maslin – West Port Funk
Decal – Live All You Can
Audioelectronic – Final Annihilation
Jim Gourgoutis – Acidfk
Sync 24 – Yo
Krautz808 – Errorist Bomz
Pal Secam Kids – Kirschberg
Pip Williams – Lost Souls
Dark Vektor – Patetic
Dexterous Numerics – Absent Friends
Scape One – After The Rain
Cedric von Flugel – Interface Sex
Datacrashrobot – Thyristor Surge Protection
Carlo Frio – Anunnaki
Shemale – Succubus
Cosmic Force – You Don’t Know Why
Alexander Buhot – Built For Pak
Broken Bone – The Midwife
C. Mantle – We Care Because They Don’t
Swarm Intelligence – Sikon
Gunjack – Diablo (Stormfield Acid Mix)
OGB – Frogs Sporn
Velocs – Beam Transform
Korrupted Brothers – Drugs Scientics
Inhuman Design – The Conversion
Li-Z – Sugar O.D.
Sonar Base – We Attack At Dawn
Phausis – 1d3nt1fy
Soundex Phonetic – Pict
Pl-anet – Machine
Nanobot – Polymorphic Flight
Darin Marshal – Sibilance
Treen – Cox
Billy Wood – Robot Cop
Daz Quayle – Araldite
Subhead – Quadrat Pluck
Hatch – Disappear
MagikBitum – Camisole
Ascension Électronique – rEVOLution
Craig Mac – White Cones
Operator – Don’t Diss Miss
Luke Eargoggle – Twilight in my mind
Subscriber – As If
Chordata – Clarky Cat
Symbiotek – Assember
ClonEd – Deflection
EdFunction – Newmodes
Vinnie And The Leph – Be Gone With You
N-ter – Trouble Doesn’t Come From Nowhere
Popkomm – Input
Cignol – Ask This
Binalog Frequency – Storm The Studio
Agent808 – Neptune Dawn
Raakel Bloody Raakel – Selfrape
The Exaltics – 2905
UKV – Ghost
Gusbo – Sined
R21 – Lightspace
Delinquent Dialect – Anuqi
Adapta – Wiretap
Reiner Mauch – Electro Music
Nec’Ro’Bot – Panic Suiside
Greystates – The Cult Of Mars
Scanone – Lexicon

[On Sale] Shit And Cheap ‎– Götterdämmerung EP (Shipwrec)

Mat Consume and Neil Landstrumm first released together as Shit & Cheap on Landstrumms experimental techno imprint Scandinavia back in 2001 with their first EP ‘Tits And Wheels’. So, following over a decade’s wait we’re treated to a fresh crop of raw surf rock meets electro in their ‘Götterdämmerung EP’ for Shipwrec. It’s available to buy now via Clone in limited edition with a handmade silkscreen printed sleeve, as well as digitally.