DOWNLOAD: Various artists – Latvian Electro Pack [Seven Sisters Records]

Coming from Latvia via a UK base – Seven Sisters records is helmed by Miotech has been putting out some great new electro tracks from previous uknowns as well as bigger names like Uhu. Miotech himself sounds most promising with his synth driven electro funk, I’ve heard his new EP due out soon on vinyl featuring a remix from Radioactive Man – something to look forward to. 

Download high quality via Bandcamp free.

[Download] Gobal Goon – _Quonk

This time last year there were murmerings that Global Goon was going into retirement ahead of his set at Berlin’s Krake and in fact that would be his last. However and very happy news it is too, it’s turned out to be empty threat, and this spring he released a 39 track collection of tracks. We can also look forward to a live set at the I Love Acid Christmas party later in the year and a physical release of a different album on Balkan Vinyl early next year.

-Quonk by Global Goon