Out Now: Shitmat – Global Hypercolour EP

Since moving from the Wrong Music stronghold of Brighton to live the good life en France, Shit Mat has been busier than ever with his ‘Mash Hits’ series, a podcast for Bit Phalanx, a video for acid master Chevron and now this new ‘Global Hypercolour EP’. Check the blurb below and listen and purchase in the player too.

Hardcore madness abounds from the janitor of kakked up beats. In 2012 we find Shitmat’s first Bandcamp release, kicking up a dustcloud of nosebleed raviator noises and mechanically recovered beats. Bigtop’n’circus! Featuring three original Shitmat overclocked mixes plus Chris Moss Acid on a dirt-box-bass remix. So intense it’ll change the colour of your shit!

Global Hypercolour EP by Shitmat