MIX: Dead Sound + Videohead Quietus Mix

And we’re back…sorry for the downtime issues paying for hosting thanks to some phoney transactions on our account. Anyway a couple of weeks ago The Quietus gave Dead Sound and Videohead some well deserved airtime. It was all to herald the arrival of their latest EP ‘Murder’ out on Perc Trax – they’re also working on launching their own imprint soon so watch this space for more info on that.  

News: Bit-Phalanx – Podcast, Video + Compilation Action


Bit-Phalanx have started off the year with not only their first officially produced video for Jilk’s ‘My Techno Heart Melts Your EMO Dribble’ but with a new free compilation and podcast series. The video comes alongside a remix EP from Jilk and the podcast kicks off in a Shitmat special mashup style while the compilation sees Bit-Phalanx team up wtih Bit fellows Bitcrusher for an excellent free download. We’ve included one of our favourite tracks for you to sample in the player below.

Head to Bit-Phalanx’s website here for more information and to listen to the music.