News: Cristian Vogel Asks You to Support New Project ‘The Inertials’

Cristian Vogel PledgeMusic Video Blog #1 from cv on Vimeo.


 “The Inertials” is a new album of highly produced beat driven electronic sounds – a fresh outlook for 2012. Shiny new techno/electro with many layers of rhythm programming, sound design and microdetails to surprise, freak-out and delight.

Cristian Vogel is embarking on his latest project, asking fans to engage in an interactive eperience as well as take on the financial role usually provided by record labels. Utilising the Pledge Music platform he’s offering a range of exclusive products as well as the finished album – that will all come with regular updates and interactions direct from himself as he hopes to spark off this process and allow it to interact with his inspiration and studio work itself. An interesting premise, and also a call to arms we should all endeavour to support as Vogel one of those ‘producer’s producer’ types a true artist and innovator – dig deep peeps.

Click here to head to his Pledge Music page for more info.