Mix: Rob Booth’s ‘Nothing New’ Mix for Boiler Room (with some help from Stormfield)

Acid techno and electro, just the way I like it, and it’s made a revival this year, the 303 / 808.. This is the sound of my middle to late teens. – Rob Booth

This mix comes as part of Boiler Room’s ‘Nothing New’ mix series and for this episode they turn to Electronic Explorations man Rob Booth to share a mix of his favourite tracks. But this time it comes with a twist as Combat Record’s Stormfield is enlisted to mix said tracks together in Ableton – prepare for a delibrate ‘overload’ of sounds for your senses here by way of four channel simultaneous playback. What you get is an hour of classic tracks but with a new edge and listening experience – bo! 

Nice selection of tunes Rob, I see we share some raving history. This is the rough tracklist. In practice, it’s a bit messier. There’s loops, one-shots and at times up to 4 tunes playing over each other. The levels (specifically bass) varied a bit throughout the selection; the USA’s old techno / house roots come from a tradition of disco / gospel while UK rave shares history with reggae / dub soundsytems, hence there is a significant difference in the focus of mixdown/mastering. You can often spot a UK track coming into the mix because it’s got loads more chest and sub. Overall I tried to keep it punchy. – Stormfield

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