null030: SYNC24 B2B INNUME

Scand established itself as a club night at the height of electro’s first coming and popularity in London at the infamous Fortress Studios. The current resurgence in the genre’s popularity hasn’t yet been traced the history back to these guys yet – apart from Dave Clarke who, like, Sync24  has always maintained a relationship with this breed of beats, keeping in touch with the ever present underground sound. That includes whether it’s in fashion or not. Another track from Phil’s label Cultivated Electronics also featured on the man DC’s fabric60 mix and 4 years on from it’s first twelve they’ve now signed a distribution deal with Clone –  a stamp of quality if there was ever one needed.

I bet most readers of this blog will already be familiar with CE’s output,  if not check their back catalogue here. The night is currently run by Phillip Bolland aka Sync24 with residents Innume, Agent2 and Steve Allman both of which keep to a vinyl only set up with their impeccable record collections stretching back across the genre right up to present day cuts – there’s nothing else in London quite like it. Since Scand was rejuvenated after a couple of years down time, the event has been success after success reaching out to a hardcore crowd and creating a roadblock at its current venue The Horse & Groom. The next event is next Friday where Stilleben label boss Luke Eargoggle is being flown in to perform with Cosmic Force and Abstract Forms label head Deixis.

We’re proud to present this mix of Scand promoter and Cultivated Electronics man Sync24 going back to back with Innume alongside an interview with Phil to promote the forthcoming party a week on Friday.

For more info on the event click here.

How long has Cultivated Electronics been running as a label now?

Cultivated Electronics was started in late 2007.

And what is its ethos?

To release high quality underground Electro music.

At what point did you start Scand?

The first official Scand party was just over 9 years ago at the Fortress Studios in Old St. At that time I was playing every Sunday at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane with 3 other guys, Rob Smith (Innume), Chris Edwards and Paul Crognale. We decided to start a club night and Scand was born. About 3 years after our first party the Fortress shut down and Rob and I split from the other two guys and continued to run Scand alone. We held parties at various venues across East London then in 2006 took a 3 year hiatus. In 2009 I restarted Scand with a friend Tom (Truss) with the intention of it being a 2 room event with house and techno in the second room. After 2 parties together we decided to not collaborate anymore. I now run Scand myself although Rob is still involved as a resident.

What would you say the basis of the party and how do you choose who to book as your guests?
There is a real sound to the Scand parties which I feel is reflective of the label and this is what the night is about, to push a particular sound that I don’t feel is really getting a massive amount of exposure anywhere else.  There are other really good nights in London which push the Electro sound along with other styles of music such as Wang, Plex, Colony and Bleep 43. With Scand however it is purely about Electro.

There is no real fixed booking policy for Scand, I just book artist’s whose music I like and respect.  I also try as much as possible to book people that are not necessarily a massive crowd puller but have a good sound.

Can you tell us about your residents, they’re also a hug part of the night right?

The Scand residents are myself, Innume, agent2 and Steve Allman. The residents are really important for the night as we shape the overall vibe of the party. Each of us brings a slightly different style which helps to mix it up and keep things fresh.

It’s really one of the only electro parties in london, it’s become a real hub for the timeless style of music, why do you think it has been so successful?

I think by being purely focussed on the Electro sound the night has built up a bit of a reputation and people always know what they are going to get at a Scand party.

What’s next for CE and Scand?

CE has just been taken on for distribution by Clone which I feel is a really positive thing for the label. CE009 is out on the 17th of January and that is a release from Morphology with a remix from myself. I then have a V/A compilation lined up for EP 10 and forthcoming material from Dynarec as well as a possible EP from Innume and I.

Scand’s final party of 2011 is next Friday (the 16th) at the Horse and Groom with Luke Eargoggle, Cosmic Force and Abstract Forms label head Deixis which should be wicked. I am then teaming up with Colony again for a string of events at the Horse and Groom and Rhythm Factory throughout 2012 with our first party being on the 3rd March. Line ups announced very soon!!