News: MethLab Recordings & Artist Management Launches

From the guys behind London’s stronghold of hardcore and junglist beats Yardcore comes Methlab Recordings and Artist Managment – a new record label and agency for heavy as fuck beats and ear bending sound. So far artists signed include Broken Note, Cooh, Balkansky, Loop Stepwalker, Rotator, Dead Fader, Zan Lyons, Monster X, MacheeeN Boi, Jakub23, Stazma the Junglechrist, Stormfield, 2methyl, Mobthrow, Threnody, Noiz, Babyshaker,Vaetxh, Scheme Boy & The Teknoist, Undead Ronin.VJ’s: Duodrome, Scouap and Letty. 

Methlab is a platform for electronic audio and visual alchemists who are willing to push boundaries with their unique style. We represent a range of experimental, heavy and dance floor destroying audio and visual acts who work to create sonically explosive music and mind-blowing visuals.

Our musicians span a range of genres – Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Hip-Hop, Breakcore, Hardcore, Industrial and futuristic, cinematic soundscapes. 

 Releases will follow soon, there’s already an extensive selection of mixes from their artists available to stream on their Soundcloud. Here’s our favourite 

Vaetxh by MethLab Management

Methlab Website