News: MethLab Recordings & Artist Management Launches

From the guys behind London’s stronghold of hardcore and junglist beats Yardcore comes Methlab Recordings and Artist Managment – a new record label and agency for heavy as fuck beats and ear bending sound. So far artists signed include Broken Note, Cooh, Balkansky, Loop Stepwalker, Rotator, Dead Fader, Zan Lyons, Monster X, MacheeeN Boi, Jakub23, Stazma the Junglechrist, Stormfield, 2methyl, Mobthrow, Threnody, Noiz, Babyshaker,Vaetxh, Scheme Boy & The Teknoist, Undead Ronin.VJ’s: Duodrome, Scouap and Letty. 

Methlab is a platform for electronic audio and visual alchemists who are willing to push boundaries with their unique style. We represent a range of experimental, heavy and dance floor destroying audio and visual acts who work to create sonically explosive music and mind-blowing visuals.

Our musicians span a range of genres – Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Hip-Hop, Breakcore, Hardcore, Industrial and futuristic, cinematic soundscapes. 

 Releases will follow soon, there’s already an extensive selection of mixes from their artists available to stream on their Soundcloud. Here’s our favourite 

Vaetxh by MethLab Management

Methlab Website

Out Now: Aardvarck – Anti Concept (Eat Concrete)

Also released as a limited edition white vinyl sampler, Aardvarck’s third long player for experimental EDM label Eat Concrete nears beat tape territory with 27 tracks that start at 21 seconds long. It’s more than this though, the depth and quality of the production makes for some seriously heavy beats interspersed with soundscapes makes for attention grabbing listening.

Check out the previews below.

Available to buy now via Boomkat 

aardvarck – anti concept (album preview) by experimedia

aardvarck – anti concept (album preview) by experimedia AARDVARCK – STAY STUPID – EAT025 // FULL TRACK by Eat Concrete

Video: Vaetxh – Mass by Henning M. Lederer

Made to promote the debut album from Vaetxh entitled Mass, on Canadian label King Deluxe remixes by Dead Fader, Culprate, Woulg, Circuit Bent and Subjex. Well they say album, this release totals 7 tracks with 2 being original Vaetxh tracks and the other 5 remixes from the above artists although we’re not complaining. This is a visually stunning video, monochrome and hypnotic it’s style compliments the finely produced industrial bass electronica of Vaetxh you can listen to the full previews here.

Available to buy now from here.


Mix: The Irish Archives – Automatic Tasty Live

From our contributer Amy Flex who has been busy collecting DJ and live sets for quite some time now, she plans to release one a week through her new soundcloud project titled ‘The Irish Archives’ and begins in style with this live MPC set from Acroplane’s Automatic Tasty. 

Over the last 4 years, for me, an Automatic Tasty set is something I will always look forward to. But being confined as an analogue electronic artist, whether it be by travel limitations, lack of people to help you carry and move kilo after kilo of analogue gear and cables, or even something as simple as power supply, I was delighted to see him venture away from full live sets and groove along on his MPC over on Rathlin Island. Something this man does so naturally it’s probably unnatural!

Sadly, the recording quality of this set isn’t great, but I am chuffed to have it recorded and chuffed that Auto Tasty doesn’t mind you lot hearing it too! Hope you lot enjoy it

Automatic Tasty Live [MPC set] by The Irish Archives

Out Now: Voltek – Power Tools (Acroplane Recordings)

Sam Barker aka Voltek’s first release was on one of the premier net-labels to release experimental electronic music, Net-Lab, before moving Berlin way where he’s now firmly instilled in the Leisure System crew. There’s barely been any releases from him aside from his 2006 Net-Lab album but In the interim there’s been a wealth of audio available to listen to on his website which has been teasing me for a while. Thankfully Acroplane Recordings have taken it upon themselves to rectify that situation, releasing a full album of Voltek’s productions, a mixture of rough beats, snares and soundcapes. Highly recommended.  

Available to buy now from Boomkat and Juno and here’s my personal favourite from the release, further previews are available on Acroplane’s Soundcloud here.

Voltek – Electraum (clip) by Acroplane

You can also download album Dissolusion Desire for free from Net-Lab here.

News: Love Love Records Re-Launch

After a bit of a break after 17 releases as a free net-label, Love Love Records have beefed up operations with a new website and new direction as a pay for label. The collective have also begun their own promotional ventures in Brighton at the Volks Club whick kicked off in March with Broken Note and is next on the 3rd of November with Rephlex’s Monolith headling, Brown and Gammon from Circus and representing love love are weyheyhey !!, Scrase, Future Lab, Horrid Henry and Tombxx.

They start of proceedings with a free 27 track sampler compilation and get stuck right into the thick of it with a new EP from Scrase, Beatwife, dLUDEd,  Kanji Kinetic and Future Lab. 

Head to to purchase these from their online store and sign up to receive updates on their new releases. 

Silo Fin (Part of 6 track ep out now on Love Love Records) by Scrase