Out Now: Various – Substance\Audio: Ten Tracks

Now in its fifth year, Edinburgh based party makers Substance have been harbouring the underground techo and electronica live scene on the east side of Scotland. Over the years they’ve booked artists that they see as the pioneers and heros of modern electronic music and the experience and passion they’ve found along the way has lead them to take their activity and role a step further and create a label in the wake of their successful events.

First up is a taster digital release, with tracks from the likes of Mark Archer, Neil Landstrumm and Forward Strategy Group. There’s more to follow with vinyl releases on the cards for later this year. So far this release has received support from Surgeon and Jerome Hill which is of no suprise really as it’s a great example of niche and outstanding electronic music being made today.

Available to buy here (Juno)

[clips] Various – SubstanceAudio: Ten Tracks (SUBCOM001) by Substance+SubstanceAudio

Mix: Bill Youngman Live at Krake Festival

In its second year running, Krake Festival has become a voice and outlet for the left side of electronic music in a city known for it’s stict passion for techno music (which is no bad thing). It began last year with Plaid, Radioactive Man and Christian Vogel heading the line up and this year saw its program extended to a week long series of events, seeing artists from Wrong Music Scotch Egg, Skam’s Bola and Global Goon one of the most loved acid producers from the UK. 

Bill Youngman took to the stage on Saturday night in the festival, originally hailing from the USA, Bill headed to Berlin with his MPC and not much else 9 years ago and has never looked back. He’s the man responsible for Seratonin Records and most recently has seen releases on Killekill (the Krake organisers) and Slidebar Germany and it’s his cross genre techno has that vivid lifelike movement that makes him stand out against drone and moodyness prevailent in much techno today, but while that genre while can be appreciated, doesn’t quite get the party going like this guy.

Bill Youngman Live@Krake Festival, Berlin, 20.08.2011 by billyoungman

Out Now: Acid Relief – Various Artists (Balkan Vinyl)

From the people responsibleBalkan Vinyl and West London’s long running 303 loyal I Love Acid parties, is a release that features tracks from legendary and udnerground artists from across the board that include LFO, Ben Sims and Luke Vibert to raise money for DEC’s East Africa Appeal.

Dig deep and download via Bandcamp here.

Money raised will go directly to DEC, you can also donate here (Gift Aid). (Note that donating via Just Giving adds Gift Aid to the donation so maybe donate here and then download the release for free or for a nominal price)

Acid Relief by Various Artists

Out Now: Finest Ego | United Kingdom & Ireland Compilation (Various Artists)

It’s not often a 26-track mash-up of tracks will come along and catch our attention like this most recent offering from the boundary-pushing ‘Finest Ego’ series of Compilations, released as a free download on Project Mooncircle this month.

From the more well-established, to the complete unknown, producers from all corners of the UK and Ireland electronic talent pool have pulled together for this one as part of a global project on the label with previous editions covering Japan, Russia, Australia and New Zealand . Expect anything and everything from this one, particularly synth laden hip hop beats from the likes of Kelpe and Om Unit.

It’s currently available for free or donation from Bandcamp here with a cassette version avalable soon from here.