null028: URSA

This time we asked The Centrifuge’s audial communique to showcase this favourite sounds featuring tracks that range from the familiar to the emerging from Koolmorf Widesen, LFO and Instra:mental. Ursa is a tireless worker at the heart of London’s underground electronica scene, an early collaborator for The Centrifuge’s net label he has been holding the reins of their fortnightly online radio show on for over 2 years now with insurmountable levels of lost sleep and dedication. 

He’s decided to take his passion for the artists who have become a big part of the output of the show, and the scene and network he’s created into the live sector in a new event ‘Freelectronica’ kicking off on August 3rd at 93ft East on London’s Brick Lane. For the first show he’ll be bringing in Volitune and Oxynucid both producers of The Centrifuge ilk the former who will be debuting a new live set. I have also been invited along for the ride. More info on that here


  1. Repetition/Distract – Old Weevil Neighbourhood (Weevil Neighbourhood)
  2. Demdike Stare – Desert Ascetic (Modern Love)
  3. Pinch – Croydon House (Swamp 81)
  4. LFO – Mentok 1 (Warp)
  5. Instra:mental – Thomp (Nonplus++)
  6. Myoptik – Berlin (The Centrifuge)
  7. Drumman – White Tie, Black Hole (Lux)
  8. Instra:mental – Aggro Acid (Nonplus++)
  9. Neutek – Orinoco (ROTR Lazer Dome rmx) (The Centrifuge)
  10. Oxynucid – Cod Liver Oil (V67 rmx) (Complex Sound Sagacity)
  11. Koreless – 4d (Pictures)
  12. Baconhead – Wookie (Acroplane)
  13. Vaetxh – Clipper (unreleased)
  14. Funckarma – Technology Boom (Thin Consolation)
  15. Luke’s Anger – Halfstep (Soundcloud)
  16. Wax – 20202 (Element rmx) (Hardwax)
  17. Tom Yaxley – Ambienty (Carl Brown ’92 Cornwall rmx) (The Cenrtifuge)
  18. Dorian Concept – Toe games made her giggle (Ninja Tune)
  19. Siriusmo – Bad Idea (Monkeytown)
  20. Oxynucid – Leffe Blonde (Zanderhythm)
  21. Martsman – Interreign (unreleased)
  22. Skitty – Dublin (foundation X)
  23. Eschaton – Bohr (Ursa rmx) (unreleased)
  24. Modeselektor – Monkey Flip (Monkeytown)
  25. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow’94 (Scrubber Fox rmx) (The Centrifuge)
  26. Jimmy Edgar – Turn You inside out (Baconhead rmx) (unreleased)
  27. Neutek – Busby Soundsystem (unreleased)