Listen: C Mantle – Korean Suite

I wouldn’t say this gives me a bass face, it gives me a gnarled industrial grin. Music ready to bounce off an 12k warehouse soundsystem in Hackney from Scotch producer C Mantle, one of whose tracks featured on Handsette’s extroadinary release Elektronische Unterhaltungsmusik 1 . It doesn’t look like there’s a release date set for this yet, or label but tracks are added regularly to his Soundcloud so I suggest you follow him there.

Korean Suite 2010-11 by c mantle

Mix: Mustard Gunn – Bubble n Squeak Mix

This mix has been available to download for a while via Fun In The Murky but Mustard Gunn just brought it to my personal attention by uploading to his Soundcloud. Coleman mixes it up here between genres for this mix as you’ll have heard him play at his Coin Operated events often teaming up with the Z Shed to put on parties in London and festivals like Glade. Thought it’d make for a good Friday tease.

For those who aren’t aware already check Coin Operated here from rave and mutant bass mayhem.  

Mustard Gunn – bubble n squeak mix by Mustard Gunn

News: Kid606 Launches This Kid606 Life Podcast

Introduced by a voice as twisted as the tracks of “all Exclusive new shit” that echoes the sound of his label Tigerbass6. This is the first in what’s set to be an ongoing series recorded in his Berlin HQ something that without doubt will make for an essential listening experience. 

This first episode is a remix special with Kid606 remixes only of artists like Luke’s Anger, Cardopusher and Si Begg (full tracklisting here).

From the horses mouth: 

Free DJ mixes, Live sets, radio shows, interviews with special friends, and unreleased tracks and mashups from Kid606, Coming at you on a regular basis from Tigerbeat6 headquarters in Berlin, Expect nothing but the most interesting and exciting juxtapositions and mutations of Glitch, Electro, HipHop, IDM, Punk, Jungle, Ambient, Dubstep, Bass, Dancehall, and Techno. 

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This Kid606 Life podcast #1 : Missing Crossfader Mondoremix Megamix by Tigerbeat6


Both visual and electronic music artist Squish Kibosh is based in the creative hive of activity that is Glasgow. His musical work is mainly self released, consisting of acid jams to mind moving electronica one of our favourites you can listen to here. For null+void he’s compiled a mix of old and new tracks which he described as ‘discordian disco’.

Check out his artwork here production here and mixes here.


  • Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady – Industrial Records – 1978
  • Arpanet – Innershell Shielding – Rephlex – 2005
  • MR.SQUISH – Smeets – unreleased – 2011
  • +10 – Fug Nasty Acid Flakes – Napalm Enema Records – 2008
  • Acid Druid – Lunatic Wandered – Zanderhythm – 2011
  • Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger – Suburban Base Records – 1993
  • Venetian Snares – Chainsaw Fellatio – Planet Mu – 2009
  • DJ Rashad – Drop Juke Out – Juke Trax Online – 2009
  • DJ Spinn – Fall Back – Planet Mu/Loose Squares – 2011
  • Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Demo Version) – Sire/Warner Music Japan Inc – 1999
  • DJ Stingray – Mindless – WéMè Records – 2007
  • Mixrace – Mixrace Outta Hand – Moving Shadow – 1993
  • Razor X Productions – Imitator ft. Daddy Freddy – Rephlex – 2006
  • Aphex Twin – Avril 14th – Warp Records – 2001
  • Squarepusher – Star Time 1 – Warp Records – 2009
  • Kool Keith – Same Sound – DMAFT Records – 2003
  • Luke Vibert – Dirty Fucker – Planet Mu – 2005
  • Bodenständig 2000 – In Rock 16 Bit – Rephlex – 1999
  • Flying Lotus – …And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke – Warp Records – 2010
  • Señor Coconut And His Orchestra – Riders On The Storm (Merengue) – Multicolor Recordings – 2003
  • Universal Indicator – Untitled (Green C3) – Rephlex – 1995
  • Bruce Haack – Word Game – Columbia – 1970

    Artwork credit for header image: Squish Kibosh
    Artwork credit for soundcloud graphic: Hannah Milam

    Out Now: Duskky – Rascality (Broken Bubble)

    Duskky again shows himself as a producer I am really enjoying see develop an individual and exciting style, this excitement extends to playing these dub, jungle hybrid funked up tracks on an unexpectant dancefloor.

    This release steps the pace up a gear following more low down dub tracks as released on his Aber EP, good for those with an ear for dancefloor ammunition and for a more ravey and hard line twist on dubstep in comparison to other mutuations of the genre we’ve been hearing this summer.

    Available to buy from Bandcamp here.

    Duskky – Rascality (BB07) by Broken Bubble


    null028: URSA

    This time we asked The Centrifuge’s audial communique to showcase this favourite sounds featuring tracks that range from the familiar to the emerging from Koolmorf Widesen, LFO and Instra:mental. Ursa is a tireless worker at the heart of London’s underground electronica scene, an early collaborator for The Centrifuge’s net label he has been holding the reins of their fortnightly online radio show on for over 2 years now with insurmountable levels of lost sleep and dedication. 

    He’s decided to take his passion for the artists who have become a big part of the output of the show, and the scene and network he’s created into the live sector in a new event ‘Freelectronica’ kicking off on August 3rd at 93ft East on London’s Brick Lane. For the first show he’ll be bringing in Volitune and Oxynucid both producers of The Centrifuge ilk the former who will be debuting a new live set. I have also been invited along for the ride. More info on that here


    1. Repetition/Distract – Old Weevil Neighbourhood (Weevil Neighbourhood)
    2. Demdike Stare – Desert Ascetic (Modern Love)
    3. Pinch – Croydon House (Swamp 81)
    4. LFO – Mentok 1 (Warp)
    5. Instra:mental – Thomp (Nonplus++)
    6. Myoptik – Berlin (The Centrifuge)
    7. Drumman – White Tie, Black Hole (Lux)
    8. Instra:mental – Aggro Acid (Nonplus++)
    9. Neutek – Orinoco (ROTR Lazer Dome rmx) (The Centrifuge)
    10. Oxynucid – Cod Liver Oil (V67 rmx) (Complex Sound Sagacity)
    11. Koreless – 4d (Pictures)
    12. Baconhead – Wookie (Acroplane)
    13. Vaetxh – Clipper (unreleased)
    14. Funckarma – Technology Boom (Thin Consolation)
    15. Luke’s Anger – Halfstep (Soundcloud)
    16. Wax – 20202 (Element rmx) (Hardwax)
    17. Tom Yaxley – Ambienty (Carl Brown ’92 Cornwall rmx) (The Cenrtifuge)
    18. Dorian Concept – Toe games made her giggle (Ninja Tune)
    19. Siriusmo – Bad Idea (Monkeytown)
    20. Oxynucid – Leffe Blonde (Zanderhythm)
    21. Martsman – Interreign (unreleased)
    22. Skitty – Dublin (foundation X)
    23. Eschaton – Bohr (Ursa rmx) (unreleased)
    24. Modeselektor – Monkey Flip (Monkeytown)
    25. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow’94 (Scrubber Fox rmx) (The Centrifuge)
    26. Jimmy Edgar – Turn You inside out (Baconhead rmx) (unreleased)
    27. Neutek – Busby Soundsystem (unreleased)


    Video: Dead Sound & Videohead – Brain Dead (Perc Trax)

    This is a teaser for collaborative project Dead Sound & Videohead, much of their work was previewd on a Mantis Radio session earlier in the year you can listen to here. We’re really into the broken beat techno coming from these two infused with some great industrial sounds, really putting an edge onto their music.

    Chosen will be released this Friday on Perc Trax

    Follow Dead Sound & Videohead on Facebook.

    Out Now: Various Artists – The Robots Riot: Poltron Invaders

    Not so new, released back in June from label Elektropunkz is a compilation comprised solely of the work of Polish producers inspired by electro funk and bass.  It’s a great introduction into a new group of producers getting stuck in in Poland, Q600 releases here one of his first ever productions that shows great promise with a rolling sub-bass line syncopated with rhythms that switch between dub step and electro and an industrial dancefloor killer is thrown in for good measure by Robodrum.

     Available to buy via the Bandcamp player below.

    The 2nd act of The Robots Riot compilations hits straight from the centre of Europe. Poltron Invaders – that’s how we call them: 10 Polish projects, devoted to electro and dehumanized sounds, have produced 10 different trax ready to detonate your soundsystem with nuclear impact. This ballistic missile collection has been put together by Robodrum and he has focused on unreleased tracks by exclusively Polish artists… the Poltron Invaders.

    The Robots Riot: Poltron Invaders by Elektropunkz