Coming Soon: Luke’s Anger – Sid’s Revenge (Bonus Round)

Set to be released in the coming week is the latest from Bonus Round, this time it’s label boss Luke’s Anger providing tracks of the utmost wonkiest with a bit of skank and features a remix from Kid 606  which you can preview below.

Keep an eye on the Bonus Round website to purchase the tracks (as well as the usual download stores)

BONUSROUND010 – Luke’s Anger – Sid’s Revenge by Bonus Round Records

Mix: Steve Allman Scand Promo Mix

A fresh promo mix from Scand resident Steve Allman who I witnessed first hand shamshing it at the Scand May Bank holiday party. Am looking forward to a repeat performance at Scand this Saturday at The Horse & Groom with Radioctive Man and Morphology headlining. 

Steve Allman Scand Promo Mix May 2011 by Cultivated Electronics

Drexciya – Bang Bang
Counter-Couture – Thoughts
Faceless Mind – Ocean Movers
VCS2600 – ?
Morphology – Urainia’s Mirror
Versalife – Aurora Strain
Boddika – Sometimes
Tipper – Doghnut (Radioactive Man’s ‘Pull Up’ Mix)
Silicon Scally – Process (Sync 24 Remix)
Hardfloor – The Texas Trill Mixes (ERP) 
Instra:mental – Delta Zone Advance
Dynamix II – We are Your Future (Will Web’s Spaceship Bound For Miami Mix)
Dexter Vs Cosmic Force – Geheugen Meuk
Japanese Telecom – Perspects Remix
Luke Eargoggle – Flexible Views
Alden Tyrell – Digger
Addison Groove – Work It
Mr De – Late Night Ride 2
Marco Bernardi – Flo713
Chris Callahan – Never Mind
P-Dog – Get Ya Hands Up
Detroit Grand Pubbahs – Plasticine Gene (Ectomorph Mix)
Der Zyklus – Der Tonimpulstest

Mix: Glade Presents Subhead for Samurai FM

Raw to the grain since Subheads first release in 1996 and originally founded by Jamie Lidell, Phil Wells and Jason Leech they self released the UK’s answer to techno that was rising around the world. Lidell left the group after the 7th release and then Wells sadly left our world in 2007 leaving Leach to carry the torch. Typically an analogue groove busting whirlwind of rough beats and noise this is the kind of techno we love the most on null+void. 

Available to stream here via Samurai FM

Head to Glade’s site for line up and ticketing in formation. 

News: City of Bass Speaks to Paul Blackford

What has become the most comprehensive blogs for electro, City of Bass run by DJ Mad Wax, who we also recently reported is now running a fortnightly column on Dark Floor has just published a damn good and insightful interview with Paul Blackford. There’s nothing like Paul Blackford’s sub bass 160 bpm electro, he’s found a unique space somewhere near drum n bass but with the high tech electro ideology there really is nothing quite like it. There’s also his Militant Science label (we’ve also regularly featured on here) which has become the UK’s most dynamic and exciting labels specialising in fast electro bass music.

Read the interview here. 

Download Paul’s latest album for free here.

And listen to his null+void Podcast below.

null024: Paul Blackford by null+void