Ninja Mix Dump’s Top Three Mixes

Like many websites this is a labour of love but this particular venture comes from a long time protagonist of the Ninja Tunes forum, and inspired by the superior calibration of mixes members were posting on the forum user gas felt that something more needed to be done with them.

Using the current social web tools Mixcloud, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook (click each of those for links to Ninja Mix Dump’s respective pages) gas has set up a system of recording mixes of significance as well as creating a central feed for mixes that fit into the eclectic electronic spirit of the Ninja Tunes Forum. The result is a vital service that supports today’s artists side by side with classic and outstanding mixes from the birth of electronica utilising today’s web techology to make sure they reach as far and wide as possible.

So we asked gas to highlight three mixes of his choice for null+void…and in no particular order….

Since it’d be rude not pay respects to Solid Steel/Ninja who both fostered my inclination toward the eclectic since back in the pirate days of kiss fm & for the forum community from which the mixdump spawned.


Electro – tons of it! 

It was the last thing i listened to, so it’s the thing i’m diggin’ mostest…