Coming Soon: Vetrix – Sun Oblique (Pyramid Transmissions)

One of the main issues in the analogue/digital debate is about the soul and depth of sounds that can be created in the box compared to through the warm valves of a machine, but this is definitely not the case with Lisbon born sound designer and producer Vetrix. His musical journey started with MIDI in the early days of home computing but became something much bigger through his own inginuity as be developed his own VST plug ins. This has allowed him to create his own identity as he explores a multitude of electronic music’s textures, machine funk, ambient tones and IDM complexities interwoven into the beat combine to produce something that is very beautiful and that is a joy to listen to.

Sun Oblique will be released on Pyramid Transmissions this may and they have uploaded a sampler of the album to Soundcloud that you can listen to below. 

More info on Vetrix can be found on his website here.

Vetrix – Sun Oblique – Album Sampler by pyramidtransmissions