Video: Digitonal Vs. Posthuman

Ahead of the bank holiday I Love Acid birthday special this weekend and the debut of the Digitonal Vs. Posthuman AV show the guys have released the teaser vid to show the new take on Posthuman and Digitonal’s back catalogue reworked as full live acid versions of Posthuman and Digitonal tracks mashed up with live visuals. Elsewhere on the line up are two acid house original purveyors Affie Yusuf and Placid and is taking place at Ginglik this Saturday, more info here

Ninja Mix Dump’s Top Three Mixes

Like many websites this is a labour of love but this particular venture comes from a long time protagonist of the Ninja Tunes forum, and inspired by the superior calibration of mixes members were posting on the forum user gas felt that something more needed to be done with them.

Using the current social web tools Mixcloud, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook (click each of those for links to Ninja Mix Dump’s respective pages) gas has set up a system of recording mixes of significance as well as creating a central feed for mixes that fit into the eclectic electronic spirit of the Ninja Tunes Forum. The result is a vital service that supports today’s artists side by side with classic and outstanding mixes from the birth of electronica utilising today’s web techology to make sure they reach as far and wide as possible.

So we asked gas to highlight three mixes of his choice for null+void…and in no particular order….

Since it’d be rude not pay respects to Solid Steel/Ninja who both fostered my inclination toward the eclectic since back in the pirate days of kiss fm & for the forum community from which the mixdump spawned.


Electro – tons of it! 

It was the last thing i listened to, so it’s the thing i’m diggin’ mostest…

Interview: Mike Dred Speaks To Spannered

This weekend published a  new interview with The Kosmik Kommando aka Mike Dred to speak about his forthcoming LP on his own Machine Codes Label (previews can be found here) and also to raise awareness of the Japan Earthquake appeal he’s headling on the 28th that the Centrifuge and Splutter are co promoting, and also null+void’s Kirsti Weir will be playing some music at. Those are the practical topics I guess of the interview, he also discusses the supernatural’s influence on his moniker, digital production’s unfulfilled potential at the hands of software companies and the unsanitary hype of Berghain. A great read. 

Read the full interview here and download the vintage mixtape here.
Tickets and full line-up for The Centrifuge + Splutter Japan Earthquake appeal here.

Coming Soon: Vetrix – Sun Oblique (Pyramid Transmissions)

One of the main issues in the analogue/digital debate is about the soul and depth of sounds that can be created in the box compared to through the warm valves of a machine, but this is definitely not the case with Lisbon born sound designer and producer Vetrix. His musical journey started with MIDI in the early days of home computing but became something much bigger through his own inginuity as be developed his own VST plug ins. This has allowed him to create his own identity as he explores a multitude of electronic music’s textures, machine funk, ambient tones and IDM complexities interwoven into the beat combine to produce something that is very beautiful and that is a joy to listen to.

Sun Oblique will be released on Pyramid Transmissions this may and they have uploaded a sampler of the album to Soundcloud that you can listen to below. 

More info on Vetrix can be found on his website here.

Vetrix – Sun Oblique – Album Sampler by pyramidtransmissions

Video: Sturqen – Pertal

Sturqen’s Peste EP made a big impression on me last year with it’s singing industrial drone, it also helped them come top in two categories in this year’s Electronic Music Quartz awards in France – for Qwartz Artiste and Qwartz Découverte. 

Here’s a video for a new track Pertal. For more info go to their website and further listening the MANTIS radio showcase can be found here


Video: Chuck D / Eclectic Method – Outta Sight (Icarus/Weirdcore/Andrew Benson Remix)

Chuck D / Eclectic Method – Outta Sight (audio mix by Icarus, video mix by Weirdcore/Andrew Benson) from weirdcore on Vimeo.

I think the title says it all on this one, and is timed well as Icarus embark on their summer tour, starting in Brighton next Friday for the aforementioned Wrong Music party and also sees them at the Electroworks for the Centrifuge + Splutter Japan fundraiser on the 28th with Mike Dred headlining and null+void’s Kirsti Weir in the courtyard (more info here).

See the rest of the tour dates here.


Mix: Bomb Diggy Crew Wrong Music Party Promo

Just a week away until the next Wrong Music bash at the Volks in Brighton. Headling are the Bomb Diggy Crew and their tropical bass bashment and so they’ve produced this promo mix to get the hype going. Nice to lighten up the mood in line with our summer vibes.

Also playing is Baconhead live, I’m really looking forward to hearing the bass from their Soap EP and also translate onto the Volk’s rig. Bus Replacement Service promises to deliver the most eccentric plonderphonics, her Spannered Oddcast  was a massive hit on the interwebs and worth a listen to. Not to  Icarus who deserve a special mention also, I’ve really been enjoying their ripped apart drum n bass come electronica sound especially this remix they did for Caribou earlier in the year.

Bowls (Icarus remix) by Caribouband

I’ll be returning to the venue as well, playing some beats and sounds. Check out more info on the Facebook event page here.