A Few Recommendations For Bloc

We’re getting close to Bloc this year, kicking off tomorrow with Brackout an obvious higlight as our own Kirsti Weir is getting involved on DJ duty for this now yearly celebration of the life and work of Ben [B]racket.  We’ve chosen just a few artists here that we’re especially looking forward to all of which we’ve not seen before, but it’s inconclusive there are too many the Bloc boys have outdone themselves this year. Enjoy.

Alva Notto

Diversions in glitchy ambience sound design come bass music, this will be a heady break from dance music to be savoured.

Ancient Methods

The gnarly industrial techno of Ancient Methods is the highlight of Plex’s stage takeover after smashing it til 8am at their last Corsica Studios party. 

Global Goon

Here’s a track of Global Goon’s release on Balkanl Vinyl, the label run by the man responsible for I Love Acid and is one of our favourite Global Goon tracks. He’ll be performing live on the I Love Acid stage at Bloc this weekend. Happy acid electro kicking tracks. 


The music of Dopplereffekt transpires through the inspirations of nearly every producer today. Legendary must see.