Glade Festival Launch New Website


Glade festival are back! We’re so happy to see this there was a decidedly big hole in electronic music programming last year, not to say quality was lacking in other events, it just wasn’t the same.

Tickets have been on sale for a short while to the Glade family and have already sold half of the capacity – a great start for the festival’s back to the roots approach for this year. And this week Glade launched their new website. No line up announcements have been made as yet but what we can see is what stages are on board for 2011 – Glade, Origin, Overkill, Rabbit Hole, Inspiral, Nexus, Nanosystems and Wellbeings have all been confirmed.

The venue is being kept a secret for the time being and the date of the festival has been moved up to mid June running from the 10th -12th.

Check it out here.