Antique Electronic / Synthesizer Greats 1955 – 1984 Part 1



How’s this for some retrospective listening? Compiled by Flourescnet and released by Acroplane records experience synthesiser music from it’s birth until that curiously significant year 1984 based on loops and samples forged by Flourescent Grey into a live set and tracks.

Check here for the tracklisting. and to find out more about this release.

Available to download in mix form or individual tracks in mp3, wav and flac formats.


A Few Recommendations For Bloc

We’re getting close to Bloc this year, kicking off tomorrow with Brackout an obvious higlight as our own Kirsti Weir is getting involved on DJ duty for this now yearly celebration of the life and work of Ben [B]racket.  We’ve chosen just a few artists here that we’re especially looking forward to all of which we’ve not seen before, but it’s inconclusive there are too many the Bloc boys have outdone themselves this year. Enjoy.

Alva Notto

Diversions in glitchy ambience sound design come bass music, this will be a heady break from dance music to be savoured.

Ancient Methods

The gnarly industrial techno of Ancient Methods is the highlight of Plex’s stage takeover after smashing it til 8am at their last Corsica Studios party. 

Global Goon

Here’s a track of Global Goon’s release on Balkanl Vinyl, the label run by the man responsible for I Love Acid and is one of our favourite Global Goon tracks. He’ll be performing live on the I Love Acid stage at Bloc this weekend. Happy acid electro kicking tracks. 


The music of Dopplereffekt transpires through the inspirations of nearly every producer today. Legendary must see. 


Michael Forshaw’s a bit of a legend, notorious for his label Chan n Mikes and classic tracks Cheerleaders ad I Like Horses, distortion and shouting a lot on stage. He’s a true bastion of the rave, mixing dub step and the wonkiest of techno from Kanji Kinetic and Squire of Gothos. His releases on Coin Operated Records have been record favourites for us, as well as appearing on the last Bonus Round release with track ‘A Mild Stroke’. He’s up, down, in and out of the country at the moment and even out doing gigs in Poland this weekend, then Glasgow, Berlin and Leeds for the next few weekends.

Skism – Rave Review< Darq E Freaker - Caesar Mustard Pimp - Kiwi Squire of Gothos - Emptyin Full Clips LFO - Butterslut Noyeahno - Isn't It Powerful Gunjack - El Soplo del Diablo (Brackets Nagging Reality Mix) Gunjack and Boris Noiz - Mukashi No Ningen Ophex - Go Gadget Go TSR - Threemenpumpingbatman Mustard Pimp feat Blatta & Inesha - Pigeon Flu Valta and Minikin - Man Down TSR - Boule Bars Och Bajs Top Billin - Shake My Ass Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (Doc Nasty Remix) Kanji Kinetic - Masamune Hoodfellas - Stanky Legg Gunjack - Pressure Scrape Michael Forshaw - Step Into Me Rrritalin - Badman

Subeena – Wrong For Me On Opit Records


Previosly described as ‘non-linear’ produtions,  Subeena’s production is stunning the music press at the moment, for here audible experimentation that works. This is the 4th release for her self-run label Opit which kicked off last year with more Subeena originals and a stripped down dub techno record from Milyoo. For this release we kick through some acid house hich is fused with a contemporary dark room bass sound while title track Wrong For Me explores Subeena’s vocals and 2 step style.  

Check it out in the player and watch out for the vinyl and digital release later this month.


Kawatin – Tokyo Salvage EP On Ricochet Records

This is the first release for Ricochet Records by Japanese producer Kawatin providing deep and dubby broken beat techno. Listen for yourselves in the player.

This label is providing a home for some of my favourite bass heavy producers like Ion Driver and to come I hear that Paul Blackford will be releasing on the label in the future. Check their website for related events, they were very busy in 2010 hosting the likes of Shinra, Si Begg and Sync 24.

TThey’re also giving away a Kawatin track “Don’t Think” not on the release for free.

Click here to download. 

The EP is available to buy now from Juno Download.

Glade Festival Launch New Website


Glade festival are back! We’re so happy to see this there was a decidedly big hole in electronic music programming last year, not to say quality was lacking in other events, it just wasn’t the same.

Tickets have been on sale for a short while to the Glade family and have already sold half of the capacity – a great start for the festival’s back to the roots approach for this year. And this week Glade launched their new website. No line up announcements have been made as yet but what we can see is what stages are on board for 2011 – Glade, Origin, Overkill, Rabbit Hole, Inspiral, Nexus, Nanosystems and Wellbeings have all been confirmed.

The venue is being kept a secret for the time being and the date of the festival has been moved up to mid June running from the 10th -12th.

Check it out here.