Militant Science Re-Launches As Net-Label

One of our favourite labels Militant Science run by Paul Blackford has decided to go from a pay for music business model to the download what you want for free net label. Reason being is that music that’s released for money is instantly being uploaded and hosted for free on torrents and naughty blogs, for a niche small label that only relies on digital sales for revenue is meaning that it’s not making any money so why not go straight to fans and give it away for free.

The quality of music on Militant Science is outstanding and will continue to be, it’s also one of the few specialist electro labels running at the moment.

A good place to start tucking into the back catalogue is with my personal favourite Militant Science release from Scrase – MSR002 both tracks Stakker and Ford are killer high tech electro/drum and bass hybrids. 

Download here.