Top Tennish Releases Of 2010 That We Missed…

It’s that time of year where writer types s take the opportunity to look back on the year behind and forward to the year a head, so I’ve decided to use this to go over some of my favourite releases from 2010 that slipped through the editorial net of null+void.

In no particular order.

Luke Dumbstruck and Radioactive Man – MSR42 – Militant Science 

Pain Struck Stanley Dumb’s Dumb Struck bit teamed up with Radioactive Man to create a relese that fuses acid, electro and old school jungle beats. This is my favourite track off the release, look out for New Aliensextoy EP, Soundex Phonetic Album, Scape One Album, Oort Cloud EP, Chordata EP and new signing Datentraeger’s debut album on Militant Science.



Nexus Twins – North London Hillbilly (Beetroot Records)

This eclectic label rocks and rolls between punk, rockabilly and techno. It’s something different and really fun. Features a Jerome Hill remix and comes on purple vinyl dedicated to Ben [b]racket.






Hurtdeer – Ilium – Life After Math

I guess you could call this electro-acoustic a collection of electronic and traditional instrument sounds, warm double bass tones are enhanced with sub bass on this release. Couple that wit a strong depth of sound and an intoxicating construction of beats charactarise this release, the new producer seems aptly able to present a stand out sound in this release. This music is also a representation of a shift happening at the moment where everything is being mixed together, jungle, dub step, hip hop beats are being used in a new head space entirely. 


Various Artists – Uncharted Audio Compilation (Uncharted Audio)

A charming electronica compilation of the weird and wonderful released to celebrate the launch of the label’s online store, there’s also the new LP form Cursor Miner out now and check out his space rock inspired Luna EP if you haven’t already.








 Milyoo – Daesin (Opit Records)

This release stands out for me because of the textures of sound on each of the tracks. I like the chaos of Daesin then also the pulsating techno dub nature of Multitude. Not leaving out the middle track Fayoh clashing vocals into a smooth drum beat and synths is enjoyed very much as well as the piano until the beats are broken which is also very nice. Preview the third Opit release from Subeena herself featuring her vocal debut.




Cygnus – Wrowreck (Icasea)

This received a slight nod-to as I was reporting on the Icasea events up in Leeds earlier this summer, however a couple of the tracks of this release have stayed with me ever since. Since their first CD release Audio Data Bank Icasia have maintained the president for etheral sound design and production aesthetic to their music. This is part of the pleasure that is given off this release. Stream the full release via Deezer.





[B]racket – Undergraduate Resistance EP (Brackout)

A triumphant release for the 2nd on label Brackout set up in memory for producer Ben [B]racket. I dropped a few of these tracks earlier this year to a massive response. They have blown everyone away that I have played them, in my mind they firmly bolster the unique [B]racket concoction of grime, rave, jungle, old school for a ferocious result. Watch this space for Brackout03.

VHS Head – Trademark Ribbons Of Gold (Skam)

Craftmanship at its best, a collection of edits and glorious sounds from VHS Head, a glory to listen to.







Scorn – Wee DJs / King Cannibal Gravel Bed Remixes (Combat Recordings)

Released in October last year deep, dirty and cutting sounds as Wee DJ’s and King Cannibal remix Scorn