This has got to be the biggest coup for null+void podcasts yet, unrivaled in style and identity, Paul Blackford – his 160bpm electro bass with heaps of sub averaging is not for the feint hearted. Paul in short is a legend, responsible for notoriously rinsing live sets that are almost like a high tech jungle rinse out but still with electro roots. The podcast features tracks of his new LP out now on Militant Science, his label of course a digital only venture is known for releasing dance floor tracks as well as the experimental and being a supportive hub for new as well as older talent heavily, supported by null+void and whose tracks are always in the playlist.

You can see Paul Live in Newcastle at the beginning of the month alongside another null+void favourite Galaxian. Click here for more info.


All tracks copyright P. Blackford

  1. Fallout
  2. Electro Transmat
  3. Germ Warfare
  4. Jungle Combat
  5. Zero Hour
  6. Fusion Collider
  7. Beta Decay
  8. Latitude X
  9. Ion Beam
  10. Aqua Theory
  11. The Darkside
  12. Predators Vision
  13. FFS
  14. Warriors
  15. Submission
  16. Destroy the Mothership
  17. Bubble City
  18. Syntax Error
  19. Bacteria
  20. The Bunker