This is an oddity for a podcast, to feature the same artist three times. We had the first Richard Wigglesworth podcast during our infancy as the 4th episode with Tudor Acid following the next year as the 16th. But we’re proud to be a home for the ongoing transitions of Richard’s work and to help share and document its’ story. This episode comes as the third installment of Richard’s Wrong Side of Day project – a series of 10 releases that began in August to be released as soon as they’ve finished and recorded at his recent gig at KoKo. Collaborators so far have been Planet Mu’s undisputed acid queen The Doubtful Guest appearing on track one of Wrong Side of Day Part 3. Once these have been completed they will be passed to me to mix the project to make part 11 and sign of the series. Soundwise, during this project Richard comes closer to electro using the genre’s signature bass lines combining this with his abstract acid and beats that continue to anchor his sound. Detroit techno’s influence comes in to the mix also. Another excited move forward for Richard Wigglesworth/Tudor Acid.

The Wrong Side of Day, Parts 1, 2 + 3 are available to buy now from Tudor Beats on Beatport and other download stores.