Codeshift Time Of Change Mix


This may help to get the most out of the always short lived enthusiasm and denial of the inevitable misery of winter. It’s not null+void’s usual style to have a moody image accompanying a similarly moody melancholic mix tape, but, this is a photograph my father took of his beloved Scotland that came to the front of my mind when listing to this music and it’s beautiful so wanted to present them together.
  1. Greg Haines – Submerge 
  2. Dustin O’Halloran – Opus 37 
  3. National Trust Samples 
  4. Asura – Her Tearing 
  5. Deru – The Transmutation of Species Pt1 
  6. Jacaszek – VIII 
  7. Penderecki – De Natura Sonoris II for Orchestra 
  8. BVDub – The Art of Dying Alone 
  9. Nils Frahm – Tristana 
  10. Olafur Arnaulds – Lofto Verur Skyndilega Kalt 
  11. Deru – The Great Tree of Life Pt1 
  12. Greg Haines – Marc’s Descent (plus Once Upon A Time In The West sample)


Time of Change by Codeshift