Ancient Methods Release Fifth Method

It’s exactly a year ago now that I met Ancient Methods (they are especially lovely people btw) as they were due to play their first London live date at Corsica Studios only for some crack face dope head to steal their laptops from the stage before they even got to play. Lost with them was 3 months of new material that had never been heard before and was not backed up. Still the voice of optimism voice would conclude that these pitfalls and hardships are just what creativity thrives on, and so we arrive at the release this month of Fifth Method, 5th in the acclaimed series of 12 inches by techno industrialists Ancient Methods. 

What drives this music is the deep hypnosis of techno pure, but with a hard, hard edge of their earthy gravely tones. Work to be celebrated.

Available to buy on 12” and digital (Boomkat/Zero)

For extras download their mnml ssgs mix.