Eat Concrete Records


Based in Holland, Eat Concrete Records have been a home for Take, Funckarma, Daedelus, Aardvarck and Knalpot changing between hip hop, dub and experimental landscapes of electronica but aiming not to single out a particular genre to release. Coming up next is their 20th release, Roel Funcken – Daze Flextone EP, and then another full length release Enemy Earth titled ‘Bardo’, who the label describe as “an enigmatic piece sounding like a ’70’s psych-rock / ambient jam session, very obscure”. And at a later date a new project from Aardvarck following on from his album ‘Choice’ which featured contributions form Gaslamp Killer. There’s a couple of mixes from the label circulating at the moment, the one on the left is my favourite but you can listen to a different one here. Watch out for an exclusive mix for null+void previewing the label’s new material very soon.