Ancient Methods Release Fifth Method

It’s exactly a year ago now that I met Ancient Methods (they are especially lovely people btw) as they were due to play their first London live date at Corsica Studios only for some crack face dope head to steal their laptops from the stage before they even got to play. Lost with them was 3 months of new material that had never been heard before and was not backed up. Still the voice of optimism voice would conclude that these pitfalls and hardships are just what creativity thrives on, and so we arrive at the release this month of Fifth Method, 5th in the acclaimed series of 12 inches by techno industrialists Ancient Methods. 

What drives this music is the deep hypnosis of techno pure, but with a hard, hard edge of their earthy gravely tones. Work to be celebrated.

Available to buy on 12” and digital (Boomkat/Zero)

For extras download their mnml ssgs mix.

Headcleaner’s Live Modular Synth Acid

I’ve only just been switched on to the technological endeavours of Headcleaner’s home built modular synth as featured in the line up for this Friday’s Plex birthday extravaganza. Amongst the billed techno and house there will be a good helping of proper acid mentalism from this pioneering and unique inventor whose sets are always “100% analogue and 100% improvised” as clearly stated on his Myspace.

Here’s some videos of the man in action.

King Cannibal And Wee DJs Remix Scorn For Combat Recordings

After a summer break a shrewd waiting for the darkness to fall again on the land to suit these two sinister reworkings of Scorn’s Gravel Bed and Super Mantis released this month on Combat Recordings.

First up Wee DJs take on the distortion of Gravel Bed and push it through broken beat techno and dub step winding along very much fucked up experimental electro hardware machinery to hypnotic effect. 

King Cannibal‘s mix of Super Mantis is an instant killer of a track from point go. With etherial sirens posing as dystopian future rave horns without fail smashes it alongside a powerful driving 2 step beat.

Available to buy now from Boomkat and Juno.

Radioactive Man Releases Radioacid Box On Tudor Beats

Constructed by label bloss Richard Wigglesworth on his kitchen table based on is the Radioacid Box used by Radioactive Man for his first solo release on Tudor Beats following on from his split vinyl remix release with Luke Vibert. 

Each track on the EP diverges between styles beginning with a delicious electro funk groover in collaboration with Christopher D Ashley. Switching up a gear on track 2, Checkee Checkee builds on the bass to an almighty climax of a track and Minimux finishes off very much in dub land. Tracks from the EP have already been placed at number 5 in Dave Clarke’s chart and has proved themselves on the dancefloor at my own recent gigs.

Available to buy in CD or digital formats from today. You can check out his recent mix for Clash Magazine here and live at I Love Acid this weekend.

Free Downloads From Dntel

Lindsey blips from James Tamborello on Vimeo.

 Part of lush electronica/pop Postal Service, Dntel who I attribute to the beginning of my crossover from guitar music to electronica appreciation, are due to release a pair of EPs on Sub Pop this December. Title track from After Parties 1 begins with horn synths and plays along until they transform into soft crunchy techno beats then on Flares from After Parties 2, soft grooving synths transform similarly making for some finely produced and enjoyable electronica. Live shows are only booked in for the USA at the moment, let’s hope for a London date soon. Above is a video non-related to this particular release but shares the same name as my sister, with whom I used to listen to Dntel when we were wee spotty sprats, and some beautifully dynamic sounds.

Download the free tracks here.

More free downloads on the Dntel Soundcloud

Eat Concrete Records


Based in Holland, Eat Concrete Records have been a home for Take, Funckarma, Daedelus, Aardvarck and Knalpot changing between hip hop, dub and experimental landscapes of electronica but aiming not to single out a particular genre to release. Coming up next is their 20th release, Roel Funcken – Daze Flextone EP, and then another full length release Enemy Earth titled ‘Bardo’, who the label describe as “an enigmatic piece sounding like a ’70’s psych-rock / ambient jam session, very obscure”. And at a later date a new project from Aardvarck following on from his album ‘Choice’ which featured contributions form Gaslamp Killer. There’s a couple of mixes from the label circulating at the moment, the one on the left is my favourite but you can listen to a different one here. Watch out for an exclusive mix for null+void previewing the label’s new material very soon.


Dead Fader Live @ DISCO_R.DANCE

DEAD FADER (ver2 v.rough) from on Vimeo.

This was also the only performance to blow the PA at The Foundry at one of the legendary events whose team are also responsible for the stunning visuals that go with this live set from Dead Fader. Dead Fader first caught my attention from their Electronic Explorations podcast with their rough industrial sounds and broken beats. Now’s a good time to mention a forthcoming podcast for null+void from Dead Fader featuring new material and a release I’m really looking forward to coming out on the label from null+void friend Hopen who also produces alongside HRDVSION as Starting Teeth.