Mike Dred Releases 1988 – 1994 Mixtapes

Just today Mike Dred shared this early mix tape via his Soundcloud in an effort to raise funds to master for a new release. Please enjoy this mix and message him via his Soundcloud account to offer donations.

Here’s what he says about it:

Enjoy this DJ Mix recorded from early 1989.
Features the classic mix I performed of Doug Lazy rapping over War of the Worlds by Ben Liebrand at 39m30s. Also lots of other nice tracks from the time.(2x Technics SL1200 MKII Turntables and a Radioshack Mixer.)
High quality files of all my mix tapes between 88 and 94 are available on request for a few pounds each.
I need to raise almost 1k to Master the new Super Audio LP.

DJ MIKE DRED (Mix Tape 5) 1989 by Mike Dred