Pretty Neat Records

Pretty Neat Records are a new label collective formed earlier this year wit, already from a talented group of artists they founded the label on the basis of variety and as a not for profit organisation with profits going to mental health charity Mind.

So far they have been featured by Knowledge, clambered their way to a healthy position in the Beatport minimal charts and been featured in Juno’s Dubstep podcast. Hopefully there are more good things to come for this eclectic label who are successfully making a marriage out of good music for a good cause.

Their lively roster so far includes Kidkanevel, Organic Matter, Sol+Sample (remember their null+void podcasts) and The Fez.

Released today is Leumas’s Miss-Takes EP, then coming next are from Sol+Sample and another from Torgo, the Sol half of aforementioned techno duo’s solo work 2-step electro-acoustic project you can check out in the preview below. The player includesmy favourite Sol+Sample track to date.

Pretty Neat Sampler by Pretty Neat Records

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