Formerly known as DJ Espee and also known by his actual real life name Steven Patten, Scotland’s Soundex Phonetic has put together an expansive mix of his most powerful inspirations in music from Drexciya to Matt Whitehead and Clark. Steven has been producing music, DJing and putting on parties since his teenage years promoting in Glasgow at the legendary Club 69 for the monthly party ‘Subscience’. Despite feeling the harshness that has befallen the live circuit, the digital age has enabled many a mix and release from Steven with 3 EP’s in the pipeline on Paul Blackford’s ever strong base for current electro, Militant Science

  1. Soundex Phonetic – Motivationation
  2. Anstam – Cree
  3. Sterac Electronics – Clown
  4. Voltaic – Abyss
  5. Aliensextoy – New Startin’ Time
  6. Chordata – Sanctuary
  7. Ceephax – Seasick Acid
  8. Soundex Phonetic – Amphibia
  9. AFX – Fenix Funk 5
  10. Dynarec – Trust Machine
  11. Drexciya – Intensified Magnetron
  12. Lory D – d_-_b4
  13. Underground Resistance – In or Out
  14. Paul Blackford – G-Force
  15. Dexorcist – Deceptacon
  16. DJ Funk & Dj Godfather – Booty Perk U Later
  17. Michael Forshaw – Growler
  18. Zen Robots – Dark Fighters In Space
  19. Last Step – 61 Disco
  20. Bernard Fevre – Space Team
  21. AS1 – Clouds Of Thunder
  22. 808 State – Flow Coma
  23. Martin Patton – Covert
  24. Clark – Gonk Roughage
  25. Letroset – Cube Wave
  26. Mazzula – Trance Bitch
  27. Matt Whitehead – Conveyor
  28. Bitface – Tired Of Yous
  29. Chordata – I Used To Be An Aardvark


Listen To Sutekh On Bach

West Coast USA’s Sutekh drifts between notoriety for minimal techno and experimentation, even being featured alongside Autechre and Ceephax in iDJ Magazine’s flirtation with breakcore commentary. His website brings togehther his extensive portfolio of work, including writing, visual art as well as his musical output. This album was conceived from a Bach inspired performance with classical musicians in Paris in February 2009, the project then developed into this album due to be released on Creaked Records this September.

You can stream the entire album via their Soundcloud (above) until September 13th, then the work will be available to buy in CD and digital format.

Also available soon on Creaked that comes recommended from Null+Void is some glitch hope from the darkside by Bloody Snowman.

Pretty Neat Records

Pretty Neat Records are a new label collective formed earlier this year wit, already from a talented group of artists they founded the label on the basis of variety and as a not for profit organisation with profits going to mental health charity Mind.

So far they have been featured by Knowledge, clambered their way to a healthy position in the Beatport minimal charts and been featured in Juno’s Dubstep podcast. Hopefully there are more good things to come for this eclectic label who are successfully making a marriage out of good music for a good cause.

Their lively roster so far includes Kidkanevel, Organic Matter, Sol+Sample (remember their null+void podcasts) and The Fez.

Released today is Leumas’s Miss-Takes EP, then coming next are from Sol+Sample and another from Torgo, the Sol half of aforementioned techno duo’s solo work 2-step electro-acoustic project you can check out in the preview below. The player includesmy favourite Sol+Sample track to date.

Pretty Neat Sampler by Pretty Neat Records

Buy Pretty Neat on Beatport.

Senseless Records Free Bass Music Karnival This Sunday

International technicolour bass music label Senseless Records is at the enduring Cafe 1001 on Brick Lane this Sunday for a day time rave extravaganza over 2 rooms – for free. 

I’ve been listening to the label’s backcatalogue via Bandcamp, enjoying the fusion dub, grime, and the best of ‘tropical’ – when they say they’re a bass label they mean it. I’m particularly enjoying the Brackles remix of their latest release by Pocz & Pacheko.

You can go and get plenty more of good stuff and free compilation download featuring tracks by (via Bandcamp).

Combat Recordings Special For Electronic Explorations

[Smashment] complete 30 minute video mixtape from Stormfield Slewdem on Vimeo.



 This is the first ever audio and visual production for electronica’s leading podcast Electronic Explorations. It’s a half hour mix of bashment and bass by Combat Recording‘s Stormfield. This piece of work follows months of development of visuals by the label boss, seen across many London parties form Plex to Festiva Junina. Still to come is the offical unveiling of the Monster X video Werewolf Gangbang, after the Kreatures set had to be cancelled at the very last minute. News to follow shortly.

You can watch the full thing in the vicdeo above but to Download the 30 minute iPod optimised film and get the tracklisting go here.


The aesthetic beginning of Datacrashrobot‘s music is taken from classic electro but then is twisted and morphed in an experimental vain, with effects laden glitchy athmospherics added to the mix on top of beats that shift and change. The project was estblished in 2008 by Sorin Paun, and so far in 2010 he has self-released the Probes EP via Bandcamp with a new EP planned for release later in the year. Sorin also broadcasts his show Datastream Transmissions every Monday on electro underground station Ilegal Connection, if you forget to tune in on time there is an archive on Mixcloud.

  1. Lockstep – I Am (Crashed)
  2. Raw Mechanics – Modern Illusion
  3. Datacrashrobot – 7appera7
  4. Dr. Evil – Temporary
  5. Datacrashrobot – Neutral Formatting
  6. Datacrashrobot – Untitled
  7. Ion Driver – Elemental
  8. Hydraulix – Robocop
  9. Datacrashrobot – Untitled
  10. Cursor Miner – Baby Universe
  11. E.V.A.C. – Contorsion
  12. Mariel Ito – Torn & Reborn
  13. Cold Fusion Mafia – Bio Diesel
  14. Datacrashrobot – Xylogic Disjunction (2.0)
  15. Al Tourettes – Bodies Collide
  16. Limbretimbre – One Big Bit
  17. Diskhordians – M-439 Class A
  18. C.Mantle – The 10000 Fingers Of Dr. T