Let’s Get Creaked! – Free Summer Compilation

Creaked Records go from the experimental to pop within their international electronic music remit.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

21 free tracks, amoung which you will find many classic goodies from our back catalogue such as Starting Teeth‘s ‘Venom’ or Consor’s ‘Ersatz’ or Larytta ‘Just in Time’ and many more other artists such as Cosili, Alog, Mochipet and All Automatic Wash. You will also be able to enjoy three sneak-previews : ‘It is Certainly Time’ by Sutekh from his upcoming album ‘On Bach’, Bloodysnowman’s ‘Underwater Stars’ and Mickey Moonlight remixes Larytta’s ‘Ya-Ya-Ya’ anthem, all of which are part of references only to be released next fall!

And now, this is where it gets really exciting : this also contains two totally new, totally exclusive tracks from the two ladies of the house : Oy ‘Rosa’ (Live) performed at Herbest Radio in Berlin, and our young new signee Scout Klas with her haunted ‘Sick Bird’.

Download here (via Bandcamp)