Heizerbaum’s Reworks

During my final year at Reading University we had a visitor from Texas who played with sound waves and whose art incorporated electronics and mysticism. Starting in July in Minneapolis, Minnesota he’s putting on outdoor events with his outdoor projectionist girlfriend and transmitting the sound over FM for people to listen to via personal radios.

 I primarily use ableton and pure data (a free version of max, which basically audio programming).  However, the latest version of ableton has ‘max for live’ which is great for making one’s own instruments/filters in the ableton environment.  I also use a number of plugins, and some hardware – an old simmons drum machine and various keyboards. (Heizerbaum

You can see how he wired in the Simmons drum machine and below is a link for his summer mix tape playing with commercial American hip-hop and R&B in Pure Data to a lo-fi summertime effect.

Download Heizerbaum’s Spring Mixtape. (Sendspace available for 2 weeks)

For more information on the summer project keep an eye on his Myspace.