Experimental Animatronics Meets Bass in Kreatures


This is a one off event with uniquely constructed sets designed to interact with the Kreatures from some of the best bass makers out there. Starkey will performing his first live set in 2 years, while Milanese will be performing his last ever set as he ends the music industry chapter of his creativity to move into computer game sound design. This is going to be one hell of an event.

Motors will be converted from analogue to midi using circuitry, which will allow full control using any midi controller/instrument. A drum hit could open a mouth, a keyboard operate a tongue. Audio waveforms control a full working head with pre-recorded expression. Every movement in perfect sync to the track. Live footage will be manipulated and edited in real- time and projected around the venue creating a visionary world where the boundaries of sound, Part creating a warped event where state-of-the-art ultra realistic animatronic-creatures fuse with forward thinking bass music. (via Kreatures.co.uk)

Full Line up: Starkey, Untold, Milanese, Kryptic Minds, Bass Clef, Dizz1, Scanone A/V, Ankle pants, Flint kids, Brzzzmaster10  A/V, InteraKt DJs

Tickets are £12 ADV / £15 OTD

More information on the offical Kreatures site

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