Elektron-Users Community Compilation

Online community Elektron Users are launching their first ever release on 1st July with contributions from their regular users. I’m particularly excited about the collaboration between Luke’s Anger and a good friend of mine Geoff Hood AKA G.O.S.H. promoter of Reading’s quality electronic music night All Your Base Are Belong To Us I’ve been privileged enough to DJ at myself.

Here’s said track:

The Joy of Sysex by Machine Project

More previews are here (Bandcamp)

Download Aceed by G.O.S.H. (free via Soundcloud)

Download Rise & Fall by G.O.S.H. (free via Soundcloud)


Electromeca for Acroplane

Acroplane Records have become a regular fixture on null+void mainly because I really especially like every single release so far this year. It’s just what I want to be DJing right now. Following from Dead Sound’s bounce of the wall beats, the rhythms get even more broken up by Electromeca. Reminiscent of big beat techno but a lot more fucked up than anything that Skint records would have ever dared release.

Check out the previews above and then buy here.

Hydroplex Boat Party With Dexter

I’ve got to say this is my favourite Plex line up yet, and the only one I actually can’t go to! Hardware funk master Dexter is headlining this show for a rare UK live set with more live from Marco Bernardi, Cosmic Force and Radioactive Man and Sychronoise.

Also DJing they’ve got: Bass Junkie & Dexorcist b2b, , Joe Hart, Sync 24 (Cultivated Electronics), Nanobot (Nonom), Luke Handsfree, Strepsil, James Tec 

Here’s some taster musics:

Dexter – Valve (Live) HQ (via YouTube)

Marco Benardi – Eye To The Telescope (via YouTube)

Check back to the Radioactive Man Vs. Matt Sever null+void podcast download.

There’s more to follow with an after party is at The Basinghouse (formerly On The Rocks) in Shoreditch.

The Plex Boat Party is on August 7th departing from Tower Pier at 3pm

Buy Tickets and more info (Resident Advisor)

Heizerbaum’s Reworks

During my final year at Reading University we had a visitor from Texas who played with sound waves and whose art incorporated electronics and mysticism. Starting in July in Minneapolis, Minnesota he’s putting on outdoor events with his outdoor projectionist girlfriend and transmitting the sound over FM for people to listen to via personal radios.

 I primarily use ableton and pure data (a free version of max, which basically audio programming).  However, the latest version of ableton has ‘max for live’ which is great for making one’s own instruments/filters in the ableton environment.  I also use a number of plugins, and some hardware – an old simmons drum machine and various keyboards. (Heizerbaum

You can see how he wired in the Simmons drum machine and below is a link for his summer mix tape playing with commercial American hip-hop and R&B in Pure Data to a lo-fi summertime effect.

Download Heizerbaum’s Spring Mixtape. (Sendspace available for 2 weeks)

For more information on the summer project keep an eye on his Myspace.

Bogdan Raczynzki DJ Mixes #1 and #2

Bogdan Raczynzki‘s European residence this year has already been much enjoyed, after pleasuring his fans immeasurably at Bussed Up at the beginning of the month, a few days later he appeared as secret guest “DJ Coleslaw” the The Centrifuge’s first mid-week session at The Macbeth.

He gets in over 40 tracks to the 47 minute recording (tracklisting here), alongside this set he’s also uploaded a mix from May 2009 (no tracklisting unfortunately) made up of more broken beats than the later one and is only a few minutes long.

mix #1 by Bogdan Raczynski

mix #2 by Bogdan Raczynski

Mazzula Alive EP on Bass Gun + Free Download

The second release this year on Bass Gun records is from Midlands based Mazzula. We first picked up on Mazzula a year ago when I found this live set from Atomic Jam in Birmingham early last year.

For this release what you get is 4 kicking tracks of electro ready for the rave-floor peaking at Fly Zen Ben and Never Liked Vangelis, previews can be heard here also help yourselves to the free download below.

  Malaise – Mazzula (downloadable wav) by Mazzula

Mazzula Aive EP on Bass Gun available to buy now from Juno.

Festa Junina

We’re very lucky to have this festival reciprocated on our cold and damp side of the atlantic, Festa Junina is the festival of June celebrated anually in sunny Brasil. It’s a mad cap 24 event with many of the UK’s roughest techno and electro DJ’s and live acts happening this weekend. Here’s the line-up:

Chris Box // Charlie A. //Bass Junkie // Danoia // Dexorcist // Diesel Dave // Fly // Jacid // Jerome Hill // Killerbomb – Live // Kriminal Mixez // Larissa // Lo trees – Band // Louise +1 // Moocha // Nina // Prophane // Radioactive Man // Ricardo// Russell Skellon // Stormfield Slewdem – Live // Subliminal Criminal

As well as music there will be games and food from 4pm Saturday to 4pm Sunday.

Donations on the door.

Facebook Event.

HK119 vs. Bit Phalanx

This post is long overdue! As previously reported on null+void Bit Phalanx music collective and artist management agency recently relaunched to incorporate the facility of a net-label releasing free as well as pay for music. They’ve recently realised a remix project  in conjunction One Little Indian, you know Bjork’s label, providing remixes for experimental pop singer HK119 with contributions from all your favourite Bit Phalanx artists and some.

You can download Space pt. 1 for free now and buy Fast and Cheap Mixes from the website

There’s plenty more happening this summer with Bit Phalanx, much of which you’ll be hearing in a soon to come podcast from the man in the Bit Phalanx driving seat, Leigh.

Experimental Animatronics Meets Bass in Kreatures


This is a one off event with uniquely constructed sets designed to interact with the Kreatures from some of the best bass makers out there. Starkey will performing his first live set in 2 years, while Milanese will be performing his last ever set as he ends the music industry chapter of his creativity to move into computer game sound design. This is going to be one hell of an event.

Motors will be converted from analogue to midi using circuitry, which will allow full control using any midi controller/instrument. A drum hit could open a mouth, a keyboard operate a tongue. Audio waveforms control a full working head with pre-recorded expression. Every movement in perfect sync to the track. Live footage will be manipulated and edited in real- time and projected around the venue creating a visionary world where the boundaries of sound, Part creating a warped event where state-of-the-art ultra realistic animatronic-creatures fuse with forward thinking bass music. (via Kreatures.co.uk)

Full Line up: Starkey, Untold, Milanese, Kryptic Minds, Bass Clef, Dizz1, Scanone A/V, Ankle pants, Flint kids, Brzzzmaster10  A/V, InteraKt DJs

Tickets are £12 ADV / £15 OTD

More information on the offical Kreatures site

Buy Tickets

Galaxian Live Set and Technobass Feature


Time to catch up with our Glaswegian friend Galaxian, a former contributor to the null+void podcast series and whose music I consistently get lost in. The set above is from a recent gig Glasgow ahead of impending digital and vinyl releases this summer and hopefully more live dates. His music has also been picked up by TechnoBass.net, the electro online community of which he is the featured artist this month.

Keep up to date with Galaxian’s releases via Myspace

The Technobass.net feature.